Paypal went through its growing pains and legal issues; as did credit/debit cards before it. Cryptocurrencies will also survive this process : CryptoCurrency

For long I wondered the same while diversifying my portfolio. Some love their nano, others eth, xlm wtv

When you actually use it as one of the intended ways, which is pay bills easily and without incurring into major costs, or higher than the ones you do this days, you’ll find to lack the tools to do so in a seamless manner.

Reason why, the protection of a centralized trusted party will always be needed..because in the end, no one cares about the user.

PayPal got big exactly for it, allows merchants to escalate their business by easily selling to people across the globe, but also has a component of protecting the little guy (in this case us, the buyers)

So many people focusing the decentralization and which is the new protocol which will enable to send an house to the moon and all those juicy perks, but what about real usage and practicability? I’m not spending my crypto through something that’s not safe, id rather cash out to fiat and use PayPal, and that defeats the purpose of why we stand here this days.

I’m bullish on several coins, but I’m also on Utrust due to that reason exactly, they understand that daily usage practice is adoption, and what matters for crypto to thrive.

Merchants want fiat -> alright they convert the funds to fiat and its business as usual, no barrier there

Buyers want to be safe -> no biggie, they offer buyer protection.

It’s not rocket science, but it makes absolute sense as a use case, the simplicity yet necessity of the platform, it’s like anticipating the next step.

We have crypto, it has valued a lot, now what? Spend it/save it wtv, but it needs to be done within a safe yet friendly environment, otherwise there’s no room for the greater adoption. At least imo ofc.

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