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I’ve compiled all the questions and answers from today’s AMA. Every Monday the Quant team meets live with the 6000+ community in the QNT Telegram Group to conduct a weekly AMA (Ask Me Anything) session. Here’s the summary.

Q: Was there any reason why the team chose to create a ‘decentralized Amazon’ to show off the progress with connectors? It caused big interest. Thanks.

A: You know, I only expected a “hello world” MApp from the team to show cross-chain interoperability. They blew me away and created a truely decentralised Amazon that operates across 3 blockchains. Very proud!

Q: Does qnt offer any additional security against ddos viruses, mallware or any other cyber/hacking threats?

A: Yes, this is built in, coming from our Cybersecurity background. We’re creating new Security infastructure in the space of Identity, Firewall, DPI and IPS that sits on top of Overledger, giving additional security controls to use blockchains which doesn’t exist today.

Q: What exactly is the patent about and what does this imply (if granted) for other blockchain interoperability projects like aion, wan and icx?

A: The Patent was filed on 1st December as an EU Patent. It covers how we’re doing ordering and filtering to protect the inner core of Overledger. It should be granted around the end of 2019. It just means other projects can not use our method and approach to have interoperabilty.

Q: Question from my side, Recently this twitter account released a press release of a partner ship with Quant Network. Could you elaborate on that ? https://twitter.com/AtlanticPowerX/status/1049179316754366464

A: We’re building a new upstream Power Exchange. Allowing for closed P2P Power networks (like powerledger) to cross-exchange on a new Power Exchange with all the other P2P Power networks.

Q: Does the team have an update on the Zapier integration concept? Might we see Overledger working with 1000s of Apps one day via Zapier?

A: This is exciting for us. We’re integrating Overledger with Zapier. This will allow us to bridge the thousands of internet applications to blockchain, through Overledger. Huge potential!

-Followup Q: Wow this is Massive! So Enterprises will be able to connect the data from their Apps (Excel, CRMs, ERPs)into Overledger – as well as cross connect blockchains? Correct?

A: Yes exactly. It’s a leap into our 3rd phase of our strategy to connect the internet to blockchain. We cando this today rather than waiting 2-3 years! Every single Internet application can integrate withblockchain through Overledger. Quite groundbreaking

Q: Have you looked at connecting machine learning + AI blockchain consensus’ like neurochain for increased diversity of overledger

A: Yes we’re big fans of AI and have mentioned quite a few projects. We’re in the final stages of announcing a partnership or JV with AI Nexus to create decentralised intelligence.

Q: Your post regarding the decentralized “Amazon” where you show a pic of XRP, ETH and BTC payments is pretty awesome, although why couldn’t you show the community some better proof like at least a video and even better – some proof on the blockchains?

A: We will be sharing some live demos over the next few weeks and a more detailed one during our Nov 20 Quant X event for developers. As Gilbert, mentioned, the MApp that the team shared blew us away and we wanted to share it real time. We will also be sharing demos for devs/chief architects etc on the Quant Dev Portal.

Q: Latoken listing was a mistake, there is zero activity on it. Would you consider this a fail?

A: Then you can use IDEX? Don’t know what everyone wants, we’ve just started to list on exchanges, another 2-3 in the works. If you’re not happy, sorry. We’re not going to do everything for everyone. We have a set focus and vision to achieve.

Q: How many devs are currently working on the project and are you planning on expanding your team?I have seen only 5 people contributing on the Github and not sure if they have some real previous blockchain experience (I’m not exactly a programmer myself so perhaps I missed something)

A: We have done profiles of our team and their experiene with DLT on Medium as well as on our website – all quite experieced as you can see from their outputs. Rui and Alex’s profile on Medium to be posted over the next two weeks.

-Followup Q: I know, but perhaps the team needs to be a little bigger, not sure if 5 devs are enough for this. Butafterall, maybe it is if the companies will use the SDK themselves

A: Thanks for the suggestion, but we’re a good size and have the right capable and experienced team.Adding another 20 people to the team now isn’t going to achieve anything.

Q: Where is the software hosted? i.e. my desktop computer’s OS is on its hard drive, so where is the Overledger? Is it cloud-based like AWS/Azure, and if so who hosts the servers and where?

A: Good questions. It comes down to the developers. You can create MApps as a Webapp or Cloud, on an OS (Win/OSX/Linux) or Mobile (iOS/Android).

Q: Besides GoVerify Mapp, are there any other Mapps being developed by Quant that are interesting for financial institutions?

A: Yes, we have a few. A Cross-Trade Finance MApp to allow multiple supply chains using different systems and blockchains to talk to each other. Also are creating a cross-blockchain AML Compliance tool for Regulators and Financial Institutions. One thing to note here on this one – we are also building our MApps to utilize the QNT token. That is the beauty of having multi-purpose utility token versus a security token because you can add mutliple functions. We will reveal more over the coming months as we finalize the tech (somethings are senstive or competitive intelligence that we can’t share) but this is something worth noting now because it doesn’t begin and end with just the fee structures for Overledger.

Q: Whats the next connector after quorum? Was the quorum one mentioned before, any reason for that connector?

A: We want to work on the technology that our clients use the most.

Q: Does quant have control over APIs or can developers design their own because platform risk might be a concern.

A: Yes of course we control the APIs. We call them BPI (Blockchain Programming Interface).

Q: Token function – So assuming that the token is somewhat like a license for using the service, how much tokens would a company need in order to make for instance 1000 transactions from XRP to ETH per day? Would they need just 1 token or would it be scaled according to the usage somehow?

A: That’s what we’re working out currently, now that the SDK is out. We have team of internal and external technical, lawyers and economists on this. It’s a new model that really hasn’t been done before. What we know is that we will have a flexible pricing approach for MApps for developers to set the price/usage regarding tokens and volume.

Q: any idea when the US Bank/financial institution will be announced in october?

A: still in the works, we’ll announce when we can.

Q: what do you hope to achieve from the QauntX event on Nov 20th? 2. Also, will you be capturing all the juicy content (photos, video, audio) for posting/sharing? Great opportunity for videos and images for marketing etc.

A: Absolutely will have it all captured on video as well as plenty of photos. The event is targeted predominantly to devs/architects and CIOs and to so we can provide live demos of the technology and show what is possible/answer questions. We also expect to use this as an opportunity to invite some of our clients so they can betterunderstand the tech and what is possible.

Q: In layman’s terms where does QNT sit in the technology stack It’s not it’s own chain so how does it interact with chains , it’s an operating system but where does it operate?” – Is there a quick way to help tech newbies understand how Overledger operates?

A: Think of it as running distributed across Cloud providers and then blockchains to provide the API gateways to blockchains.

Q: Is there a plan to actually market quant in the future as a license to take advantage of an ecosystem during the campaign

A: We’re working on our marketing approach which is more directed to Enterprises. We’re covering all the channels to use the best possible segment and reach. Here’s some of areas we’re looking into. From the release of the SDK, we’ve ramped this up and you’ll be seeing a lot more on Quant, especially if you work in corporates:Targeting BlogsPublicityUnconventional PRSearch Engine Marketing (SEM)Social and Display AdsOffline AdsSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)Content MarketingEmail MarketingViral MarketingEngineering as MarketingBusiness Development (BD)SalesAffiliate ProgramsExisting PlatformsTrade ShowsOffline EventsSpeaking EngagementsCommunity Building

Q: Not really a question, but it’d be cool if you discuss the possibility of joining SAP partner edge, so many applications that quant can provide to those members. Ofc it’s already cool that you’re already in talks with a US bank

A: Thank you for the suggest. We can integrate easily to SAP or other ERP systems. We’ll start looking in to it

Q: Can you also consider a “Connect IT with Quant” icon – bit like “Intel Inside”. This signifies that the app, MApp or blockchain can be connected via Quant (Overledger) etc. the icon can also be a link to the official integration page – hosted on your site – indicating it’s an official product/partner. The “IT” part is a play on words that IT folks will get.

A: Thank you Robin, like it! We’ve been playing around “Powered by Overledger” something like the “Intel Inside” tag line. Will come out with something catchy and effective

Q: Can overledger implement/integrate a privacy layer using something like TEE/MPC to protect sensitive/confidential data?

A: We already have that with TrustTag. It allows you to set privacy fields to tokenise data you don’t want others to see

Q: A community member posted an article with a strong interopability focus: https://www.coindesk.com/ethereum-enterprise-alliance-hyperledger-blockchain-consortiums-join-forces/ Perhaps you guys could take a look and use it as an oppurtunity to gain some traction/awareness?

A: Thanks Luke. We’ve already connected Hyperledger and Ethereum to Overledger. We know the EEA/IBM teams and can discuss in more detail.

Q: will the team be releasing a ‘blockchain’ that can be used as a ‘test’ and/or ‘starter’ blockchain for Enterprises. Obviously it can be connected to others via Overledger later – but I see two Enterprise use cases: 1. Test bed easily scratched and reset; 2. Simple ledger for immutable storage – especially when Zapier allows Excel data to flow.

A: That’s exactly the use case the new blockchain will solve. An appropriate enterprise-geared blockchain that provides better distributed storage for large amounts of data. It’s a gap in the market the current generation of blockchains are solving or are not fit for purpose. One problem we have is we can’t agree what to name it. Love to hear some suggestions

Q: Did you speak to any interested enterprises during the london fraud conference about GoVerify?

A: Yes, quite a few including Government. Following up with them this week.

Q: Is Dr John Lambert still an advisor for Quant Health? I noticed he recently moved to DXC and was wondering if this impacts his advisory role?

A: Yes he’s still an advisor. We’re looking to work closer with DXC on a couple of engagements in the UK and in Australia.

Q: Have you considered doing interviews with youtube crypto influencers/shillers. (paraphrased)

A: from my perspective we like to speak with credible influencers in the crypto space who don’t operate under a ‘cash for comments’ fee structure which is why we are big fans of Brad. Some of the practices in the crypto space are not ‘necessary evils’ but highly unethical. Even the ones who claim ‘never accept money for interviews’ operate under undisclosed ‘advisory’ roles where they ask for extortianate rates in tokens. Also, over the last 10months Gilbert and Quant have been featured in New York Times, New Scientist Magazine, Politico, USNews, and even had an op ed published on Fox (which wasn’t our target but it has massive reach so it doesn’t hurt) plus behind the scenes he has done an amazing job of doing 1:1 briefings with the most senior staff members from Washington Post, CNN, msnbc, bloomberg and even did an interview for Al Gore’s Climate Change Newsletter etc. i don’t know if you all appreciate, how significant this is because most established companies take years to set up relationships and get in front of these types of reporters and they all know Gilbert now and if they want to write articles blockchain and need quotes and backgrounder info exactly they come to us.

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