“We didn’t choose NANO, but it just turned out that the NANO Community is the biggest contributor right now in helping Venezuelans” : CryptoCurrency

What ended happening was that those same powers were used to get more power and eventually do exactly the opposite of improving people’s life.

Sounds like the entire capitalist world as well. There is really no difference. Humans are corrupt and always try to get more power, money and influence. The ideology matters less. The fact that socialism and dictatorship are mixed/confused (purposely by the capitalist world many times) has nothing to do with the base ideologies.

Democratic countries with a mix of capitalism and socialism have often fared well, more so because of the democracy part than the ideological one probably. Social democracy was a great success while it lasted for example.

It’s a flaw in humanity, not ideology and I’m convinced that socialism and redistribution of wealth is a better system than “every man for themselves, try to get as much as you can”. The people in the west, me included, have been brainwashed by politics and media to believe that socialism is some kind of boogeyman. If you just read up on the ideology, you would realize that it has nothing to do with it. Naturally the people with a lot of power, money and influence don’t want socialism and redistribution, hence why everyone in the west have been force-fed a capitalist agenda since birth. Capitalism won because it was backed by the richest people and countries in the world, not because of flaws in socialist ideologies.

I personally truly miss the social democrat times of Scandinavia. Sadly we messed it up with greed in the end and went almost full capitalist or at least we are on our way there. The crime rate, corruption, poverty etc. Has went through the roof since we started getting rid of redistribution more and more.

I’m not a socialist but consider myself a pretty far left libertarian. I believe in UBI and other forms of wealth redistribution so before you write me of as some shill for socialism, just understand that I’m not saying it’s a perfect or even good system, just don’t fall for the propaganda that it is some how responsible for the miseries in the east because it is not. Lack of democracy, poverty, war, politics, corruption etc. are to blame for that.

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