What the hell is going on?

Apparently there are Scam rumours for Tether and that all USDT pairs will be delisted from Binance is there any substance to it?

That’s why all USDT pairs are pumping because everyone wants to get out of USDT.

Looks like this is a short lived pump, is it?

Apparently Kucoin suspended tether deposits and withdrawals. Not sure if that’s the cause of this chaos or a consequence. https://www.google.de/amp/s/bitcoinexchangeguide.com/kucoin-crypto-exchange-temporarily-suspends-tether-usdt-withdrawals-and-deposits/amp/

EDIT: OK, I think this was just a whale buying lots of Bitcoin. Of course, if the Bitcoin price goes up by 10%, all USDT pairs pump by 10%, too. So if IOTA is worth 9000 Satoshi, which is $0.5 and Bitcoin goes up by 10%, IOTA is still worth 9000 Satoshi, but then $0.55, so it shows as a 10% pump in the IOTA/USDT pair, while remaining stagnant in its BTC pair. So, this doesn't have to do anything with Tether, just a whale buying lots of BTC. When that happens, USDT pairs always pump, because of math, right?

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