10 Rotisserie Chicken Dinner Recipes That Aren’t Boring

If there was ever a grocery store shortcut worthy of an award, it’s the rotisserie chicken. I believe there are few things this fully cooked bird can’t do. And while it certainly makes a simple and comforting meal on its own, it also lends itself to so many other uses. These are my 10 favorite ways to turn a rotisserie chicken into an easy weeknight dinner.

For a more filling meal that’s better than takeout, stir chopped or shredded chicken into a pan of fried rice. Make this dinner even faster by grabbing frozen rice at the store too.

Toss shredded rotisserie chicken with a bit of barbecue sauce and spices and you’ve got a saucy topping for these veggie-filled bowls.

Since dried rice noodles simply need to soak in boiling water, this becomes a no-cook dinner when you start with a rotisserie chicken.

Pull the meat off the bones, then get the tortillas and your favorite fillings ready! This might just be the easiest way to get shredded chicken tacos on the dinner table.

Chips, salsa, and guac have the potential to make an acceptable dinner. But for good measure, go ahead and top off that pan of cheesy nachos with some shredded chicken for a little extra protein.

Make it a pizza topping! The best part of making pizza at home is that you can customize it just how you like it. And with the help of store-bought dough, your favorite cheese, and rotisserie chicken, it couldn’t be easier.

When you start with rotisserie chicken, this veggie-heavy burrito bowl comes together in well under 20 minutes.

An already cooked rotisserie chicken makes this Thai-inspired soup easy to pull off any night of the week.

If you like chicken, BBQ sauce, and cauliflower, this casserole will be right up your alley. It’s Paleo-friendly, and requires two to three cups of shredded rotisserie chicken in place of cooking chicken breast.

This creamy chicken salad is made with a mix of mayo and basil pesto and flecked with lots of sweet sun-dried tomatoes. Enjoy it piled onto a bun or even simply over a big bowl of greens.

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