Chrissy Teigen Luna Birthday Sesame Street Cake Photos

When you’re planning a birthday party for little kids, there has to be a cake. And there’s a whole lot of parental peer pressure involved in the type of cake you choose. You could show how much you care by baking your own cake, or you could buy a cake, which will make all the kids squeal with delight and shout, “I want a frosting rose!” Which will it be?

Well, supermodel and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen managed to do both this weekend when she and John Legend celebrated their daughter Luna’s second birthday with an elaborate, three-tier, semi-homemade Sesame Street cake — and Luna even helped!

Teigen showed off the cake on Instagram, and it looks really impressive. Even more impressive is that she showed some progress shots of her and John Legend decorating the cake themselves.

But Teigen did not make the cake entirely on her own. On Instagram, she thanked Duff’s Cake Mix and cake decorator Tiana Sakona for helping with the cake. Duff’s Cake Mix is Ace of Cakes star Duff Goldman’s new West Hollywood DIY cake-decorating studio, which is like one of those “paint your own pottery” studios, but for cake. People can buy a pre-baked, unfrosted cake and then decorate it with all the studio’s professional tools and supplies, tutorials, and staff decorators around to help make sure it doesn’t turned out like a Nailed It cake. (And then you leave with the cake, and they clean up after you, so basically this sounds like a perfect idea and I can’t believe nobody thought of it before this.)

“OK so you did most of the work,” Teigen laughed. “But those eyes and half of Cookie’s fur is all John and I.”

Luna even got to help by cutting Big Bird’s feathers out of yellow fondant with a teardrop-shaped cookie cutter, and Teigen posted the video to her Instagram Stories. Luna really seemed to get a kick out of cake-decorating.

Teigen posted a progress video to Twitter, after the yellow feathers were on, but Elmo and Cookie monster were still bald and eyeless. She seemed pretty pleased with her progress.

“Happy birthday, Loons!!!” she wrote. “Mommy and daddy are killing the cake game.”

A few days before the birthday, Teigen tweeted that even she couldn’t believe how all-out she was going for her 2-year-old’s birthday.

“I have officially finished my second cookbook and am wrapping up big fall project planning ohhhh it’s a joy!” Teigen tweeted. “Now I am planning a two year old’s birthday party. I never thought I’d be this mom. I have always been so anti-parties they won’t remember. Who am I?”

Well, she’s a lady who can make a three-tier Sesame Street cake complete with googly frosting eyes, and that’s pretty cool. Besides, Luna might not remember her second birthday cake, but everyone else will.

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