Easy Easter Games For Kids

If you’re a grown-up, Easter’s mostly about hanging with family and eating brunch — but when you’re a kid, it’s all about eggs! Whether you’re family’s into hand-decorated creations or plastic, candy-filled versions, finding and collecting these little treasures is some of the best fun on your holiday.

While the actual egg hunt tends to go quickly, you may want to keep the kids busy for longer (so you can enjoy the aforementioned brunch) — especially if your kids are the high-energy kind who’ve been eating jelly beans all morning.

So here are a few Easter egg games the kids can play with family and friends to keep the Easter spirit hopping!

1. Spoon Relay Race

A classic game from Uncommon Designs: Have the kids race to see who can move from one side of a room (or backyard, if you’re using real eggs!) to the other the fastest while carrying the egg in a spoon. For older kids, have them hold the spoon with their teeth instead of their hands.

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2. Easter Egg Toss

This craft, from A Girl and a Glue Gun, features painted tin cans and rocks, but you can do the same thing with some weighted plastic Easter eggs. Take turns tossing the eggs into the cans — whoever gets the most in wins.

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3. Stack Plastic Eggs

A simple and fun idea from The Resourceful Mama: Separate the plastic egg halves, dump out the treats, and then challenge the kids to see who can build the highest tower.

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4. Easter Egg Guessing Game

A good game for older kids from 11 Cupcakes: Fill one larger plastic egg with an assortment of household items, like dental floss, a button, and a rubber band. Tell the kids how many things are in the egg and challenge them to guess what the contents are before you open it. The person who gets the most right wins.

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5. Easter Egg Bowling

Your setup doesn’t have to be as intricate as this one from The Creative Orchard for your kids to enjoy this bowling game: Create an ally, use pins of your choice, then roll an egg to try to knock them all over (use a hard-boiled one or fill a plastic one with rice or something similar to give it some heft).

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6. Alphabet Easter Egg Game

If you have little ones learning their letters, steal this game from Large Family Table. Just write lowercase and capital letters on each half of a plastic egg and challenge the kids to match up the corresponding halves.

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7. Spoon Egg Launcher

Another fun idea from Little Bins for Little Hands: Give your child a spoon, rubber band, and paper towel roll to make his own plastic egg launcher, then see how far he can make that egg go!

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8. Easter Egg Memory Game

You know the game “Memory?” This version, from Happily Ever Mom, works the same way. Only instead of playing with cards, you use plastic egg halves and little trinkets. You can use things like stud earrings, bread tags, pennies, bottle caps, and other small stuff.

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Do you have some other games that your family likes to play? Tell us about them in the comments below.

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