Easy No Carve Pumpkin Ideas

Creating a killer pumpkin doesn’t have to require whipping out your sharpest cutlery. This Halloween, craft a standout gourd with hot glue, paint, balloons (seriously!), or a few other random supplies.

Here are a few ingenious ideas to inspire you.

1. Stick in thumbtacks.

For a gilded touch, use gold thumbtacks to create patterns, letters, or full-out words. This one comes from Gold Standard Workshop and she used a stencil to plan out her design. For a chic look, use a white pumpkin (or paint it) and consider adding a bit of paint as a final touch.

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2. Add a pun.

We’re loving this cheeky idea from DIY queen Kelly Mindell at Studio DIY. She tweaked Zeitgeisty quotes and phrases into clever sayings for pun-kins (get it?).

See how she did it: DIY Pun-Kins at Studio DIY

3. Stretch on balloons.

This idea from Brittni Mehlhoff of Paper and Stitch could not be easier. Dress up those cute little guys you find at the pumpkin patch or grocery store with an array of balloons. Simply cut off the stem of the balloon, then stretch the remainder over the bottom of the mini pumpkins for a dip-dyed effect.

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4. Cut out some bats.

There’s nothing eerier than a slew of bats on a dark night. Recreate that effect with this simple idea from It All Started with Paint. If you can’t find a white pumpkin, just paint an orange one first. Then cut a few dozen mini bats out of thick craft paper and attach them in “flight” across your pumpkin with glue dots or a hot glue gun. So simple!

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5. Add sequins.

This next idea, from Sugar and Cloth, is perfect for the gal (or guy!) who loves Halloween but doesn’t want to sacrifice their glam aesthetic. Glue strands of sequins onto a pumpkin (with craft glue) in spiral shapes to create a big polka-dot pattern. The best part about this idea? The pumpkin doesn’t scream “Halloween” so you can keep it around until Thanksgiving and beyond.

See more pics: DIY Sequin Polka Dot Pumpkin at Sugar and Cloth

6. Splatter some paint.

Unleash your inner Jackson Pollock with these edgy black and white paint splatter pumpkins from Homey Oh My. The how-to is pretty straightforward — set up a big old drop cloth, then unleash splatters of acrylic paint onto your pumpkin until you’re satisfied with your masterpiece. Pro tip: Dilute your paint a bit with water to make it easier to get pretty splatters.

See the transformation: DIY Paint Splattered Pumpkins at Homey Oh My

7. Make a mummy.

This playful mummy pumpkin from Making It Milk-Free is perfect for kiddos — and kids at heart. All it takes to create this not-so-spooky creature is a bit of medical gauze and googly eyes (available at craft stores). Wrap your pumpkin with gauze (painting the pumpkin is optional, but fun!) and then stick on the eyes.

Learn more about food allergies: Keep it Teal at Making it Milk-Free

8. Transfer on a tattoo

Here’s one tattoo you definitely won’t regret! There are endless temporary tattoo options out there these days, from funny food picks to pretty florals or metallic geometrics. Choose a style you like, then apply it to a clean pumpkin surface according to package instructions. We love how therapyboutiques used metallic tats to make a good geometric design.

Take another look at therapyboutiques.

Do you have some more ideas to add? Leave them in the comments below!

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