IKEA Play Kitchen DUKTIG Hacks

Ever since IKEA introduced the DUKTIG play kitchen, customers have been obsessed with brainstorming ways to hack and customize this Plain Jane item into something with more personality and charm.

The tweaks these parents have made are doable for even DIY beginners and, I think you’ll agree, make these little plays kitchens even more special for their kids.

1. Make it glam

This kitchen makeover from Paige Ryan is the absolute height of glam, with its peel-and-stick subway tile backsplash, glossy white finish, marble countertop, and brass accents. Addison is one lucky kid.

2. Add paint and a fake SMEG fridge

Many kudos to Brittany of Trodel for this super-sweet blue, white, and wood version for her son, Fox. Extra bonus points go out to her for that plywood SMEG fridge! (This kitchen is also the lead image at the start of this post.)

3. Sweeten it up

This Scandi beauty — from Indi and Bear — is complete with a pretty blush paint job and unfinished wooden beads strung together to make simple cabinet pulls. So sweet!

4. Add a backsplash and accessories

Not only is this play kitchen much more special than before, but it’s also styled beautifully by This Haus of Ours. The Rifle Paper Co. backsplash is a highlight in this “remodel” — as are all the cute accessories.

5. Model it after an adult kitchen

I think a lot of people would use this child’s kitchen as inspiration for a real-life, adult-size kitchen remodel. It’s that good, with its pale green paint and leather handles. Another great example from Hello Hello.

6. Go for a vintage look

Little Village painted this DUKTIG mint green and then covered the backsplash with vintage wallpaper. New pink ceramic knobs cap off the look.

7. Or try something more modern

The kitchen from Amanda Krovic was spray painted white and blue, with “marble” contact paper applied to the countertop. The sink and fixtures were painted copper.

8. Or something retro

The pop of bright turquoise paint, stained top, and retro-style wallpaper (also by IKEA) all make for a cute mid-century modern play kitchen from Little Years.

9. Lighten things up

From Babiekins Magazine comes a kitchen with gold painted accents, adhesive lights, “butcher block” contact paper, and a faux subway tile backsplash. There’s even under-cabinet lighting made with LED touch lights. Ingenious!

10. Keep it simple

You can also keep things very simple, like this all-white, minimalist version from Happy Grey Lucky. They just used spray paint, some wood-grain contact paper, new knobs, and some touch lights. Done and done.

11. Hang a curtain

Visual Vocabulaire added a fabric window skirt as the backsplash, new paint and painted fixtures, and — the most labor-intensive addition — a painted marble faux finish countertop.

12. Be extra playful

This kitchen now has fruity decorative paper and a tea towel with minty green painted accents. All are playful and fun additions from Peachy Parade.

This post originally ran on Apartment Therapy. See it there: 15 Incredible Ways to “Remodel” IKEA’s DUKTIG Play Kitchen

Which one is your favorite?

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