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MillerCoors and Pabst Brewing Co have ended their legal disagreement over a brewing contract between the pair.

The two companies confirmed to just-drinks today that they have resolved their two-year-old dispute. In 2016, Pabst filed a lawsuit against MillerCoors, claiming the then-SABMiller/Molson Coors JV was attempting to “sabotage Pabst’s ability to compete” by increasing contract brewing prices.

Earlier today, spokespersons for Pabst and MillerCoors separately said that both parties have “amicably resolved all outstanding issues in the case”.

The Pabst spokesperson added that the company “will continue to offer Pabst Blue Ribbon and the rest of our … brews to all Americans for many, many years to come.”

At the time of filing the case in 2016, Pabst claimed that MillerCoors said it would terminate their agreement at the end of the contract in 2020, unless Pabst agreed to a “commercially-devastating, near-triple price increase for each barrel of Pabst’s products produced by MillerCoors.” Pabst was seeking US$400m, in damages.

While details of the deal were not released, local reports said the settlement was reached “as jurors were ending their second day of deliberations after a two-week trial”.

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