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 Molson Canadian 67 will roll out to the US next year

Molson Canadian 67 will roll out to the US next year

Molson Coors will replace its Molson Canadian Light in the US market as it looks to tap into the trend towards lower-calorie, lower-carb products.

The company said last week that Canadian Light will be switched for 67-calorie, low-carb lager Molson Canadian 67. The change will take place in early 2019.

Canadian 67, which is already available in Canada, is 3% abv with 2.5g carbs per 11.5 oz serving. According to food tracking app My Fitness Pal, Canadian Light is 115 calories per 11.5oz serve, with around 9g of carbs.

“One in five US beer drinkers say that low calories is an important factor for them in choosing a beer, per March 2018 research from Mintel,” said Molson Coors. “Among Millennials, that figure is as high as 40%.

“Molson Canadian 67 is aiming to capture a piece of the market for lower-calorie beers, a trend that’s led in the US by brands such as Michelob Ultra, Corona Premier and Miller Lite.”

Canadian 67 is Molson Canada’s second-largest brand, behind Molson Canadian, the brewer said. 

The roll out will be backed by a digital and social campaign, as well as out-of-home advertising and radio spots.

Molson Canadian 67 will be available in 12-packs of 11.5oz bottles, six-packs of 16oz cans and 30-packs of 12oz cans.

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