National Beverage CEO attacks “professional liars” after LaCroix lawsuit | Beverage Industry News

The CEO of LaCroix sparkling water maker National Beverage has hit out at what he calls “professional liars”, in the wake of a lawsuit accusing the company of using artificial ingredients.

A lawsuit was filed against National Beverage in the US last week

A lawsuit was filed against National Beverage in the US last week

Blaming social media and political debate for a culture of “divisive polarisation” in today’s society, Nick Caporella has opined that people use online platforms to “falsely attack our brand integrity”. In a statement this week, Caporella said that independent tests carried out by a law firm last year in response to a previous lawsuit, concluded that LaCroix flavouring essences are “100% natural”.

“We unequivocally stand behind these results and refute contrary claims contained in lawsuits, including the one filed this week in New York,” Caporella said.

He continued: “As quoted in Time magazine, ‘Online, lies and truth look the same. This has been a boon for professional liars, who take advantage of the fact that two-thirds of Americans get their news from social media.”

LaCroix is the top-selling sparkling water brand in the US after fast growth over the past few years. It claims to be calorie- and sugar-free and use only natural flavourings.

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