Ina Garten Mushroom Farro Soup Recipe and Review

A few years back we shared a make-ahead dinner party menu from Ina Garten, and in our chat with her, she talked about how simple a make-ahead menu can be — it’s all in choosing recipes that are just as good made ahead. And when it comes to a dish that exemplifies that, soup is […]

How to Store and Wrap Cheese

Cheese storage is one of those confounding subjects. If you buy a really nice cheese, you don’t want to ruin it with a lack of parenting skills, right? Even if you’re just buying a mid-level cheese, it’s still cheese and you want to treat it like the gem it is. Perhaps you know how you […]

Why Risotto is Always On My Meal Plan

For years, risotto intimidated me. All the commotion about constant stirring, attention, and exactness scared me out of really giving it a go; it seemed like a dish I was better off leaving to the professionals in restaurants. Then, when working on a farm in Italy, I met a dear old nonna that shook the […]

Kitchen Clutter Mistakes – Easy Solutions

Ask yourself honestly: Is your kitchen messy right now? Are you a bit boggled as to why, as it feels like you’re constantly trying to keep it clean and uncluttered? There are some common clutter causes that work against a clean kitchen — here are five of the biggest ones. If any of these are […]

Do You Need to Warm Risotto Broth?

I dislike dirtying an extra pot as much as the next cook, but when it comes to risotto at home I’ll make a huge exception for a warming the broth. Risotto is made by cooking risotto-style rices in butter with some aromatics and white wine and then slowly adding broth to the rice. You stir […]

Pastel Kitchen Inspiration | Kitchn

Pastel colors aren’t for everyone. And when it comes to kitchens, it can be hard to incorporate the pale hues without making it look like you’re throwing a perpetual baby shower. But, when done well, these light colors can work. Like, really work. Just check out these oh-so-beautiful spring-y kitchens — they’re the prettiest pastel […]

Netflix New Baking Food Show Nailed It Review

If you want to learn how to bake, you have to learn how to fail. A lot. Like, a dizzying amount. Bakers are not born — they’re made. And they’re made out of burnt cookies and watery icing and sunken cakes. It’s scary to let yourself fail when everyone else looks like they’re constantly succeeding. […]

Chicken Recipes for Kids – Kid Friendly Dinner Ideas

Chicken is synonymous with quick weeknight dinners, and it’s an ingredient we reach for time and time again. It’s hardly a stretch to make chicken more kid-friendly, as it’s already adaptable to a myriad of flavors and cooking techniques. These 12 recipes have been thoroughly vetted by my family, which includes two hungry kiddos, to […]

Tips For Cooking With Kids

My kids love to help me cook. They’re 3 and 5, so they’re medium-helpful, but they love to be involved, and I love to teach them about food and cooking (and math and science, too, as it’s all part of the same thing) while we work together. Those are the good moments. In between, it’s […]