Did You Know You Could Make Popcorn In the Instant Pot?

Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke once wrote that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” and I’m becoming increasingly convinced that he was talking about the Instant Pot. Every day someone seems to find something new the Instant Pot can do. If you told me the Instant Pot could do my taxes, I […]

Best Budget Kitchen Trash Cans

If you are a person who is willing to spend a lot of money on a trash can, you have probably already come to terms with that. (If you are just now realizing it and need some suggestions, here are the best kitchen trash cans for $200 or less.) If you’re not into spending that […]

A Simple Traditional Menu for Easter Dinner

Whether you’re hosting Easter dinner for the first time or you do it every year, this is a holiday where you can never go wrong with the classics. These recipes are the tried-and-true dishes that everyone has come to expect on the table. From glazed ham and deviled eggs, to scalloped potatoes and a lemony […]

Stinky Kitchen Garbage Tips | Kitchn

The kitchen garbage is most likely the smelliest thing in your household. (If it’s not, there might be a bigger problem at hand.) And that makes total sense when you think about what’s in there. “Even something as innocent as leftover veggie trimmings can surprise you with a stench in the morning!” says Becky Rapinchuk, […]

Coconut-Mango Smoothie | Kitchn

Three cheers for a brightly flavored breakfast smoothie that will energize those little people right out the door! The silly name says it all — the Coco Loco smoothie has a coconut base, a handful of cauliflower (trust us on this one!), and a silky-smooth texture from frozen mango. It’s a super-simple kid-friendly breakfast that’s […]

One-Pot Shrimp & Orzo with Zucchini – Foodie Crush

Right now we’re in a sort of seasonal food purgatory — we’re so completely over winter and all its thick beef stews and heavy casseroles, but fresh spring produce hasn’t quite arrived in full yet. The result (for us, at least) is feeling stuck in a cooking rut, where nothing is really sparking any excitement. […]

Target Opalhouse April 2018 | Kitchn

The folks at Target have been pretty busy lately. In 2017, the store reintroduced Threshold (one of our favorite brands of all time!), launched an approachable modern line called Project 62, and teamed up with Chip and Joanna Gaines to give us fun farmhouse-y finds through Hearth & Hand with Magnolia. And now, just a […]