New Mom Gift Basket Assembled at Aldi for $25

When your friends have a baby, showing up with a small present is a really thoughtful gesture that will always be appreciated. Choosing a new baby gift, however, can be difficult. Do you want to get something for the baby, or for the parents? Do you get something cute and fun, or something practical that […]

New Bumpy Food Label Tells You When Milk Is Bad – Arla

Trying to decide whether that about-to-expire milk is still OK to drink is a good way to make breakfast feel a little like Fear Factor. Like, how much do you trust your sense of smell? And how bad do you really want that Cinnamon Toast Crunch? But a Danish dairy company and a London-based food-tech […]

New Netflix Movie Wine Country – Amy Poehler, Tina Fey

Everyone, raise your “Be the Leslie Knope of Whatever You Do” coffee mugs in a toast to the poetic, noble land mermaid Amy Poehler. Netflix just announced that she will be bringing her luminous brilliance — plus her best friends and a lot of wine — to Netflix this year with a new movie called […]

Why I’ve Become a Pizza Steel Convert

Last year I did a wild thing and got rid of my pizza stone. We have pizza once a week and I used that stone a ton! But I fell in love with another pizza cooking product that was easier to store, made for a crisper crust, and held more pizza: the baking steel. Here’s […]

Best Bench Scraper Kitchen Tool OXO Good Grips

Bench scrapers, at first glance, can seem like a tool that only belongs in the kitchen drawers of serious bakers. But Kitchn editors have long evangelized the usefulness of this humble product. Designed for cutting dough, it can do much more than that — so much more, in fact, that we think even the non-baker […]

Kitchn’s Most-Saved Slow Cooker Recipes This February

There’s not a week that goes by where my slow cooker isn’t put to work. It’s the hero that helps me get dinner on the table when busy nights hit and lends a helpful hand during weekend meal prep. Having a solid cache of slow cooker recipes at your fingertips is always a good idea, […]

How To Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

I love getting fresh flowers — hint, hint, husband! — but what I don’t love is how quickly they fade. I hate getting a gorgeous bouquet, only to toss it a few days later when the petals start to brown, the leaves are drooping, and the water has turned into a murky mess. And the […]

25 Tasty Ways to Make Rice a Meal

We bet you’d be hard-pressed to find a kitchen where there isn’t at least one kind of rice stocked in the pantry. Rice is inexpensive and easy to make, but more often than not it plays a supporting role come mealtime. Why not try making rice the star of the show? These 25 recipes will […]

Little Changes Made a Big Difference in This Kitchen

Earlier this week, we wrote about a perfectly serviceable kitchen that got a few tweaks to become totally wow-worthy. (See: A Perfectly Fine Kitchen Gets Unbelievably Better Thanks to a Bit of Paint.) And here’s another one! Instead of starting totally from scratch, homeowners Lindsay and Matt used a minimal budget to make just a […]

7 Things to Bake on Your Pizza Stone That Aren’t Pizza

Pizza stones (or baking steels) are wonderful, industrious tools to have in the kitchen. Yes, they help produce a crispy pizza crust, but that’s just the beginning of what they’re capable of. If you’ve ever dismissed pizza stones as a unitasker, let me show you seven ways you can put that stone to work in […]