Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes

Easy-to-make cinnamon roll cupcakes with a streusel and glaze! Hey everyone! Chelsea from Chelsea’s Messy Apron with a delicious cupcake recipe for you all to try! If you love cinnamon rolls you will go crazy for these amazing cupcakes! How do you make cinnamon roll cupcakes? The base is a yellow cake mix, doctored-up to […]

25 Make-Ahead Breakfast Ideas You Can Eat on the Go

Fact: Weekday mornings are almost always chaotic. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a store-bought granola bar or tasteless bagel from the coffee cart. With a little planning and prep, you can wake up happy knowing that you’ve got something nourishing and delicious waiting for you. From strawberry muffins and scrambled chickpea […]

This Twitter Thread About Lying Vegetables Is Accurate

I never expected to be someone who has a favorite subreddit, but it’s 2018 and nothing has gone to plan, has it? I love r/ExpectationvsReality, which is an endless buffet of little disappointments, of burgers that don’t look like the pictures on the menu, of tattoos that didn’t turn out as you’d imagined, and of […]

Why You Need to Keep a Hair Dryer in Your Kitchen

On the website for the Dyson Supersonic, the high-tech hairdryer with a $400 price tag, the company says that it’s “inventing new methods of testing to solve real-world hair problems.” But in the hands of one food writer, the Supersonic is also solving a real-world cooking problem: getting super-crispy skin on roast chicken. Last week, […]

Shop Meghan Markle Royal Wedding Commemorative China

It’s hard to believe Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding is just two months away. The amount of work that goes into preparing for a royal wedding is staggering, and people around the world are working frantically right now to make sure their parts of the big day go off without a hitch. Just one […]

Fred & Friends Amazon Sale Kitchen Deals

When it comes to kitchen tools, we tend to be pretty big advocates for the well-made basics that don’t create clutter. But that doesn’t mean we are completely immune to the charms of quirky novelty items. And if there’s one brand that sums up non-essential but incredibly tempting, it’s Fred & Friends. In a nutshell, […]

Ketchup Slices: The Condiment You Never Asked for

Do you love the taste of ketchup but hate the way it adds moisture and visual appeal to a variety of foods? Are you a busy person on the go, with only a few minutes a day to dedicate to your passion project of trying to create the world’s strangest sandwich? Then you need to […]