Restaurant-Style Mexican Rice | Kitchn

If you’ve ever attempted your favorite Mexican restaurant’s rice at home and failed, raise your hand. Well, you can put it down now, because this one is my all-time family favorite and I think it will become yours, too. To be honest, I like it so much better than the rice usually served when I […]

This Is the Most Popular Margarita Recipe on Pinterest

People have very strong opinions on what should be in a margarita. I remember when our editor Faith Durand suggested a couple years ago that you shouldn’t be adding orange liqueur to your margarita, and the comments section got pretty ugly. Yes, traditional margarita recipes generally just have three things: tequila, triple sec, and lime. […]

How To Make Kentucky Bourbon and Walnut Pie

This bourbon-spiked, chocolate and walnut pie (aka we-can’t-call-it-Derby-pie pie) may well be the most controversial pie in the history of Kentucky. And controversy — and a lawsuit or two— has made this pie a part of Kentucky history. So eating a piece of this pie, you might say, is like eating a piece of history. […]

5 Tips for Making a Better Sandwich

(Image credit: Tara Donne) At (open) face value, the Hot Brown might seem too simplistic to be considered one of our nation’s most iconic sandwiches. Turkey, cheese, and bacon on white bread? What’s so special about that? Look more closely, though, and what might seem like a hot mess of leftovers from the fridge is […]

What It’s Like To Go to A Greek Easter Celebration

I was 23 and living in New York City when my new roommate invited me to spend Greek Easter with her family on Staten Island. At first, I declined the invitation, telling her I had to work the brunch shift at my restaurant gig because Easter was one of the busiest shifts of the year. […]

5 Tips for Building an Easter Basket for Grown-Ups

Kids get to have all the fun when it comes to Easter. (How come no one makes over-the-top frilly dresses for adults? And why doesn’t anyone leave a basket of candy for 30-somethings?) This year, though, we’ve figured out how the adults can get a piece of the action. Here’s what you need to do […]

How To Bake a Honey-Glazed Ham

My family being what it is, a Sunday lunch means we have 17 people to feed (a very normal-sized gathering when you’re the oldest of eight kids!). I often decide to fall back on ham, that oh-so-easy lunch dish. If you too have some large lunches and brunches in your near future, let me show […]

51 Essential Easter Recipes to Make This Year

If you’re planning Easter dinner and looking for recipe inspiration and a few smart tips, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’ve decided to make a ham or a leg of lamb, we’re here to walk you through it, step by step. Or maybe you want to cook something else for the main event? […]

20 Side Dishes to Pair with an Easter Ham

For many, an Easter feast isn’t a feast without a glazed ham at the center of the table. And while the roast can surely hold its own, it definitely needs a few great supporting side dishes to make the meal a success. We rounded up our favorites, from roasted asparagus and creamy baked spinach to […]