Safest Cutting Board – Raw Chicken

I hate to tell you this, but your cutting board is right up there with your sponge and sink in terms of the dirtiest places in your kitchen. “There’s more fecal bacteria on a cutting board than on a toilet,” says Dr. Chuck Gerba, a professor of microbiology at University of Arizona. That’s because cutting […]

How To Oil Butcher Block Countertops

A fresh look for your butcher block countertop doesn’t haven’t to involve the headache of extensive sanding to rejuvenate the surface. An application of food-safe oils (or another of the options we’ll share below) can restore the surface’s sheen and help recondition with each application. Want a fresh look for your butcher block surface? Try […]

Crispy Garlic Avocado Fries (Baked)

Crispy Garlic Avocado Fries are coated in a crunchy garlic panko crust and baked to crispy perfection!   Avocado Fries I was at a conference with a friend in Chicago and we spotted avocado fries on the menu.  Avocado fries!?  I love everything that has to do with avocado and couldn’t wait to try these […]

Easy Rotisserie Chicken Recipes | Kitchn

If there was ever a grocery store shortcut worthy of an award, it’s the rotisserie chicken. I believe there are few things this fully cooked bird can’t do. And while it certainly makes a simple and comforting meal on its own, it also lends itself to so many other uses. These are my 15 favorite […]

Top Chef Gail Simmons – Grocery Saves Splurges

“Grocery budgets are easy to stick to,” said no one ever. There’s always the temptation of some expensive gooey cheese, a super-nice cut of steak, or even the little indulgences that somehow add up. For Top Chef’s Gail Simmons, her budget buster could easily become a fancy yogurt she just found out about. Keep reading […]

Recipe: No-Bake Salted Chocolate Oatmeal Bars

There are good no-bake bars, and then there are really amazing no-bake bars that people gush over and remember for months to come. These are most certainly the latter. Take my word on it for now, but one bite and you’ll become a believer. What makes this double-layered treat of brown butter- and marshmallow-coated oats […]

5 Easy Dinners with Help from the Instant Pot

Are you on the Instant Pot train yet? The Instant Pot is a type of multi-cooker — it can slow cook, make rice, and even ferment yogurt, but its superpower is pressure cooking. While I fully admit the Instant Pot hasn’t replaced my slow cooker, and it isn’t always a magic bullet for faster meal […]

Trader Joes New Products 2018

Nothing gives me a case of FOMO quite like a trip to Trader Joe’s. I’m always very sure I’m missing something good. I wander the aisles, on the hunt for all those remixed snacks and snazzy new ingredients. I even check the area where new items are often showcased (usually an endcap in the back […]

Crisp Tuna-Cabbage Salad | Kitchn

I love a little crunch in my tuna salad. I also am not the biggest fan of mayonnaise; I like a dab, but no more. Here’s a tuna salad in that spirit — fresh, crisp, and light, with more vegetables than tuna in the mix. Crisp Tuna Cabbage Salad: Watch the Video I used Wild […]

5 Healthy Comfort Food Classics

When I was growing up in the Midwest, comfort food was anywhere and everywhere. (I mean, Michigan is famous for meat, potatoes, and cheese — think of all the delicious comfort meals you can make with just those three ingredients!) There’s something deeply satisfying about a home-cooked meal that’s hearty and familiar, but now, as […]