Pernod Ricard gives fashion boost to Havana Club with Daily Paper tie-up | Beverage Industry News

Pernod Ricard has teamed Havana Club Cuban rum with streetwear fashion brand Daily Paper.

The collaboration includes a clothing line featuring the Havana Club logo

The collaboration includes a clothing line featuring the Havana Club logo

The company said the partnership is the first of a number of hoped for partnerships with brands and artists and signals a new direction for the rum. A refreshed Havana Club style has been introduced alongside a Daily Paper fashion line to reflect the “raw and authentic culture” of the streets of Cuba, Pernod added.

As well as the clothing line, the partnership includes a limited-edition Havana Club bottle. The Havana Club 7 Años is co-designed with Daily Paper and features a Daily Paper x Havana Club logo. It is available on the Monar, Dranken Bouique and Drinks and Co websites with an SRP of EUR40 (US$52).

Ludmilla Stephkov, brand director for design at Havana Club International, said: “[This] marks the start of the next chapter for Havana Club as we look to lead the rum revolution and recruit the rum drinkers of tomorrow. Havana Club is the rum of the streets of Cuba, and we have been inspired by the colourful way of life, laidback attitude and confidence of the people of La Habana to guide us forward… [We] look forward to collaborating with more artists and brands in the future.”

Daily Paper was started in Amsterdam by three friends of Somali, Ghanaian, and Moroccan descent. It is named after their fashion blog of the same name, and features clothes inspired by African art.

To view the Havana Club clothing line, click here.

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