Pioneer Woman Instant Pot Costume Is Halloween Gold

I am happy to report that I have found the best Halloween costume for an adult of 2018. Juan Ruiz dressed up as the Pioneer Woman’s new floral Instant Pot and no other costume comes close to being so funny. You might as well just go home now, because nothing can top this. I’m sorry, your “spooky witch” costume is not going to cut it this year.

In case you weren’t aware (and how dare you!), Ree Drummond came out with her own Instant Pot in September. Available exclusively at Walmart, this Instant Pot comes in two different colors: teal and bright blue. Both of them are super floral and completely over the top, bordering on ugly (I mean, would expect anything less from Ree?).

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So, Ruiz decided to dress up as the trendiest kitchen appliance of the year. He used a colorful floral shirt for the “body” of the Instant Pot, and then printed out the Instant Pot command center and put it on the shirt (even the 5:20 time is correct!) And here’s where the magic of this costume really comes through: Ruiz adds this huge, light blue hat to the costume which looks exactly that the teal lid of Ree’s Instant Pot. It’s perfect! It’s weird! I’m obsessed with it!

(Image credit: Courtesy of Juan Ruiz)

Ruiz’s partner posted this photo of him to the Instant Pot Community Facebook group, and the internet basically lost its mind. As of publication the photo has been liked over 12,000 times. Most of the comments are say Ruiz “wins” Halloween and that it’s “the best Halloween costume ever.” All of which are true statements.

So, better luck next year trying to be creative with your costume. Instant Pot wins yet again.

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