Pioneer Woman Is Opening Up a New Pizza Restaurant

Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond has turned her small town of Pawhuska, Oklahoma, into a tourist attraction, and she’s just expanded her food empire with a brand-new restaurant called P-Town Pizza.

Ree announced her upcoming new restaurant on Instagram over the weekend.

“P-Town Pizza,” she wrote, adding several pizza slice emojis. “I think we’re gonna open next week if we can push ourselves over the finish line. In other news, this might not have been the best time to take a break from carbs.”

Ree kept this development pretty quiet! When she was working on her hotel last year, she teased photos and updates practically from the moment they broke ground. This time, the pizzas were baked and on the table, and the P-Town Pizza boxes were even designed and printed before she made a peep about the project.

Now the new P-Town Pizza Instagram account has announced that the restaurant is officially open, and it’s serving a lot more than just pizza.

“We don’t just offer pizza!” the restaurant announced. “We have salads, wings, garlic knots (which aren’t really knots at all, which is why we call them Not Knots), signature cocktails…oh, and our layered mason jar desserts. Holy mackerel, these are tasty. Can’t wait to see ya!”

Ree has featured several popular pizza recipes on her blog over the years, including a fig-prosciutto pizza with arugula, and a bruschetta-inspired four-cheese pizza with tomatoes and basil that she called a “Pizza Ree-a.” The new pizzeria in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, has a wood-fired oven, and Ree’s pizzas look distinctly gourmet. Ree shared several pizza photos in her Instagram announcement, and while she did not say what exactly would be on them, arugula is definitely involved on at least one of them.

According to the restaurant’s Instagram, P-Town Pizza even has two Bloody Mary recipes on its cocktail menu. One of them is called the “Caprese” and it’s garnished with cheese, tomatoes, and basil. (That one is apparently Ree’s favorite.)

It seems like just yesterday Ree and her husband opened her eight-room luxury hotel in Pawhuska and it sold out for the year practically overnight. It was actually two months ago, but clearly the Drummonds have been busy since then. Sometimes I imagine the Pioneer Woman and her husband starting new businesses the way most people plan fun couple activities.

“Hey sweetie, what should we do this weekend? Go see a movie, or open a rustic-chic ice cream shop in the shell of the old Blockbuster?”

They aren’t stopping with gourmet pizzas, either. According to MSN, this summer Ree will be opening a steakhouse in Pawhuska called P.W. Steakhouse & Saloon, and if Ree’s other businesses are anything to go by, it’s probably going to be very popular.

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