Ree Drummond Pioneer Woman – Pantry

Ree Drummond, otherwise known as The Pioneer Woman, has attracted legions of fans who love her comfort food recipes — and friendly voice. This city girl-turned-country charmer lives the romantic ranch life in Oklahoma, and while we’ve already swooned over her kitchen, we recently peeked into her pantry and basically lost our minds.

Not only we were totally jealous, but we were also thoroughly impressed by her clever layout. Although the space is way bigger than what many of us have, there are five things we learned from looking at Ree Drummond’s pantry.

1. Adjust the shelves.

Drummond credits her readers for this tip: She made sure her shelves were high enough that she could fit her appliances on them. As “small” appliances like mixers and cookers get bigger and bigger, make sure you adjust accordingly. Many pantry shelves can be placed at different levels, and if you’re designing one from scratch — or reorganizing yours — take a look at what you have to store, measure it, and make it work.

2. Put deeper shelves down below.

As a general rule of thumb, bigger, heavier things should go toward the bottom, and lighter-weight things towards the top (a lesson you only have to learn once if you drop something while trying to get it off the shelf!). Having deeper shelves at the bottom will accommodate these bulkier items.

3. Step stools or ladders are crucial.

No, not all of us will be able to have library ladder-style access to our shelves. But keeping a folding step stool right in the pantry means you’ll be able to make full use of the space — even the very highest shelves.

4. Keep it open.

You may want to hide groceries behind closed doors, but there’s something to be said for the easy access that open shelving offers. An open setup like this one makes it easy to check what you have, stock up, and rotate through your food.

5. Consider adding a prep space.

If you’re lucky enough to have a large pantry, consider adding a prep counter, like Drummond did. It’ll give you more space to work, gather ingredients, or even light birthday candles on a cake before it’s time to sing.

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