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The Wine Condom costs US$15 per pack of six

The Wine Condom costs US$15 per pack of six

A US comedian has partnered with her “Millennial” son to launch a line of wine bottle stoppers in the US that works along the lines of the condom.

Laura Bartlett, founder of the Four Funny Females stand-up comedy troupe in Texas, has created – with Mitch Strahan – Wine Condoms, which are designed to re-seal opened bottles of wine to allow them to be stored upright in refrigerators. Available in packs of six, Wine Condoms are made of food-grade latex and packaged individually in foil pouches.

“Unlike most stoppers that add ½ inch – 1½ inches to the bottle,” a statement read, “Wine Condoms sit flush with the rim making refrigerator shelf storage much easier and thereby avoiding the frustration of the “pain-in-the-ass-doesn’t-quite-fit-in-the-refrigerator” syndrome.”

At US$15 per box, the bottle stoppers are available online in the US through Amazon as well as nation-wide in Paper Source outlets.

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