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Szents scented water range

Szent’s scented water range

Szent’s scented water range

Category – Bottled water

Available – Now

Location – US, initially via Amazon

Price – US$27 per case of 12

A new soft drinks company has released a range of namesake waters with a “scent ring” around the neck of the bottle. The ring, “infused with all-natural oils, channels the flavor experience through your sense of smell, avoiding the need for artificial sweeteners or additives”, according to new company Szent.

The Szent brand’s five core still flavours include: Passionfruit, Tangerine, Tropical, Pineapple and Mint. 

“The market for flavored beverages is in need of meaningful innovation,” said Szent CEO Shawn Griffis. “We saw an opportunity to bring some much needed change to a routine category.”

The water is bottled in Los Angeles using a “reverse osmosis purification process”.

Szent is available online now and will be released in brick-and-mortar stores next year, with an RRP of US$2.25 per bottle.

“It’s our opinion that no one’s solved for a drink promising equal parts health and satisfaction,” said Szent chief creative officer, Maddie Grandbois. “We’ve reached the limits of what today’s flavored beverages can offer. So we started thinking outside the bottle, and in the process, realised how important your sense of smell is to the flavour experience.”

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