Resident Evil 2 shows off Claire’s military outfit in new video

Capcom has revealed a glimpse at Claire Redfield’s military outfit for Resident Evil 2, which is one of three costumes for Chris’ motorbike-loving sister available in the Deluxe Edition of the survival horror revamp. The other two available for Claire are the Noir and Elza Walker costumes, the latter a nod to the character that was featured […]

The Best Video Game Costumes For Halloween 2018

The temperature is dropping, pumpkin-carving pictures are everywhere, and there’s an entire aisle in the grocery store dedicated to candy; it must be time for Halloween! If you got caught up playing the multitude of incredible games that hit this month and forgot to shop for a costume, don’t worry! We’ve combed the Internet looking for the absolute […]

Red Dead Redemption 2 Review Embargo Revealed

PoopsMcGee53m ago(Edited 51m ago) I’m going to get killed for saying this, and I loved the first Red Dead Redemption, but I’m not really feeling it for this one yet. I mean, I expect I’ll probably love it when I actually play it, but it just hasn’t struck me as looking like it’s very FUN […]

Minecraft is looking for a new cat star, and it could be yours

Minecraft developer Mojang has announced a new competition aimed at finding a new feline superstar. This is basically a fancy way of saying that your pet cat could end up being in the game next year. Cool, right? Cats are awesome, after all. Except when they wake you up at 3.00am just to see if you’re in […]

Lego DC Super-Villains Review – It’s Quite Good To Be Bad

Momentum is a powerful force – just ask anyone who’s been on the receiving end of one of Superman’s flying kicks. On a more grounded level, the impulse to continue with what’s worked in the past can make a creative endeavor feel stale, whether we’re talking about superhero movies, comic books, or video games. Lego […]

V-Rally 4 (PS4) Review | GamePitt

Rob Pitt writes: When I saw that V-Rally was making a return, 16 years since the last one in the franchise, I was excited. I love arcade-style racing games and recently we have been receiving racing games which are more simulation or in-depth than your old-school pick up and play arcadey feeling ones. Then I […]

Classic RPG Designer Greg Stafford Passes Away At Age 70

Greg Stafford, designer of classic role-playing games like Pendragon and RuneQuest, has passed away at age 70. In the early ’70s, Stafford created the world of Glorantha, in which many of his works would be set. Over the years, he created many roleplaying and board games set in Glorantha, including White Bear and Red Moon, Nomad Gods, […]

Very Important Steam Curators : gamers

These Steam curators warn about toxic devs, anti-consumer practices, insane DRMs, and insane “third-party account required” accounts, and microtransactions. Denuvo Games: Warns about games that have Denuvo/reports when companies remove Denuvo from games. Boycott Buying Workshop Mods: Reports on anti-consumer practices involving Steam mods./Encourages things, like a donation system, a better system to […]