Dead or Alive 6 confirms Brad Wong and Eliot

Team Ninja has confirmed (via Gematsu) that Brad Wong and Eliot are joining the rapidly-expanding roster for Dead or Alive 6. Fans should be pretty familiar with both characters, although if you’re not, then here’s a little reminder. Brad joined Team Ninja’s scrapper in the third instalment, and is a master of Zui Quan, a […]

Glen Schofield announces he’s leaving Activision

Glen Schofield, co-founder of Call of Duty: WWII developer Sledgehammer Games, has announced he’s waving goodbye to Activision after nearly a decade. ‘I’ve had a great run here at Activision,’ said Schofield. ‘I feel it’s time to try something new [though]. I’ll be leaving Activision end of [December] and taking some time off to relax. Then […]

Doom On Switch Gets Anniversary Update With Better Performance

It was kind of a surprise last year when Doom was abruptly announced and then quickly released for the Nintendo Switch. The game had to make some concessions to fit on Nintendo’s lower-powered console compared to its PS4 and Xbox One releases, but porting studio Panic Button did a noticeably good job with a tough […]

The Walking Dead: The Final Season returns early 2019

The Kinda Funny Games Showcase finished on a high note at the weekend as it was revealed that The Walking Dead: The Final Season would be coming back on January 15, 2019. ‘We’re extremely thankful to the team working on this game to make sure the season is finished with the quality the game and […]

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Review | NoobFeed

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate brings new characters, stages, and everything that was included in past entries into one package. Thanks to an easily accessible control scheme and so many popular characters to choose from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of the most friendly games to pick and play while also delivering a deeply competitive […]

This is a pretty promising disclaimer to stick at the beginning of a game : gamers

Please be warned that this game contains: cosmic horror, body horror, psychological horror, gore, violence, murder, death, self-harm, suicide, mutilation, decapitation, racism, spiders, snakes, rats, aggressive birds, deceased animals, insects, incest, nonexplicit references to uncomfortable sexual situations involving minors, abusive relationships, domestic violence, pregnancy loss, ghosts, mental illness, homelessness, alcoholism, oppressive religious organizations, bullying, kidnapping, […]

Bioware Offers Minuscule Details On New Dragon Age Project

After last night’s announcement of a seemingly-unnamed new Dragon Age project, fans have been eager for Bioware to detail the upcoming game. Unfortunately, Bioware is staying mostly tight-lipped outside of a blog post that can best be summarized as “It exists, you’ll see more eventually.” “We have been working on a new Dragon Age game for […]