Extending this out to other subs in hopes of getting some help! : gamers

Hi all,

A bit of a long shot here but we all know what Reddit is capable of! I’m hoping to reconnect with some clan mates of the past.

I used to be part of this clan called -=Dark Assassins=- and we played Delta Force, released about 20 years ago by NovaLogic, a lot. And I was actively playing that game from around 1999 to 2001.

This clan comprised of four divisions, Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta with the first three divisions representing different parts of the USA and the fourth, which I was part of, representing Australia initially, and then subsequently Australiasia because I was the lone newbie from Malaysia.

The clan played in some online tournaments and from memory, we kicked ass!

We used to have a dedicated -=DA=- website to get updates/playing times/details of each member’s background but it’s gone now and I haven’t found a way to search for them.

Hoping you could all help! Thanks!

-=DA=- KillaLoop

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