F1 2018 gameplay trailer is full of high-speed thrills

Codemasters has hit the podium with the first gameplay footage of upcoming PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One racer F1 2018.

Due out later this summer, F1 2018 boasts the most comprehensive career offering in the franchise’s 20-year history, and comes with a massive visual overhaul to boot. Petrol heads will also be giddy to learn that F1 2018 packs in 20 classics motors plucked from the history of the sport, alongside all the usual modern suspects you’d expect.

The aforementioned visual improvements allow for a bunch of snazzy new effects, including mist, heat haze, mirage effects, and more, while F1 2018’s online functionality clamps down on the effects of poor driving thanks to the introduction of Super License system. 

‘This is the most complete F1® experience that Codemasters has ever created,’ said Game Director, Lee Mather. ‘The Career mode is the central point of the game and has been greatly expanded with the inclusion of pressurised press interviews that will directly affect your path through the sport. There is also far more flexibility for the player, including the ability to select your own rival and negotiate team moves during the season.’

‘The Career mode also expands the player’s research and development options, with each F1® team now having its own unique technology tree with differing strengths and weaknesses. What’s more, F1® 2018’s Career will also feature significant rule changes between seasons during the Career for the first time.’ 

F1 2018 is scheduled for release on August 24.



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