Fortnite update 4.2 lets you eat apples and blow people up with a Quad Launcher

Fortnite update 4.2 is now officially rolling out across PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms, and among other things lets you nick apples from trees to chomp on and restore a bit of your health. 

Also on the table for the latest patch is the addition of the meaty-looking Quad Launcher for the often-forgotten Save the World mode, while Battle Royale — easily the more popular of the two Fortnite offerings — adds the Burst Assault Rifle (think Metal Gear Solid’s FAMAS), which comes in Epic and Legendary flavours.

As expected, you can find this new weapon as regular loot, in supply drops, or inside treasure chests and vending machines.

Save the World players also now have access to the Perk Recombobulator, which affords a hassle-free way to buff the perk loadouts for your weapons and traps.

As always, Epic’s been doing the rounds with its can of bug spray, so expect a bunch of general gameplay improvements and other tinkering across the board.

Check out the full Fortnite update 4.2 patch notes here.

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