Green Man Gaming – Greedy start-up tries to sweep employees feedback under the rug : gamers

The most important piece of advice here is that you are better off getting your games from trustworthy retailers, such as Steam, that guarantee your keys work and are legit and take full responsibility for any malfunctioning.

Some employees recently took it to a UK job board to review the company’s internal bad management practices and within the company, including the shocking death of a long term employee due to grave illness, which meant nothing to the company. Furthermore they even had an all company BBQ the next day.

Most employees are stressed, under a lot of unnecessary pressure and some were fired on spot with no explanation, leaving everyone behind crippled with anxiety that it might happen to them too. Many leave and most of those who stayed behind are hoping for better opportunities elsewhere.

The CEO addressed the reviews to do damage control, once again forgetting to address the point concerning their lack of involvement and compassion during the tragic event as well as desperately trying to save face on all other points as any negative, public feedback affects their credibility for the Initial Public Offering.

The company is now attempting to contact Glassdoor, a platform whose goal is increasing workplace transparency, and have the negative reviews taken down.

Do think twice before shopping here, read the negative reviews as well on Trustpilot (Customer Services team are regularly asked to add a few 5 stars ratings to maintain the Trustpilot score and keep the appearances) and decide whether you want to power a greedy start-up with little respect for its people and customers.

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