IGN has fired Filip Miucin after Dead Cells review plagarism : gamers

“Boomstick Gaming: In Dead Cells you will need to kill your way through a labyrinth of levels all punctuated by boss encounters that starts off quite linear, but the more you play the more routes and game mechanics open up to you. You might not be able to make it to the final boss on your current run but if you can manage to salvage some blueprints for some new gear or better yet, an ability altering rune, it makes it all worth your while….

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IGN: In Dead Cells you fight your way through a ever changing labyrinth of levels with branching paths, you’re almost guaranteed not to make it all the way through on every run, but as your efforts lead you to blueprints that unlocked new gear, it makes it all worth your while….

Boomstick: In most games of this genre your coolest skills and spells are often set to strictly long recharge timers or a limited mana system, but in Dead Cells your abilities have incredibly quick recharges and allow you to seamlessly integrate these gadgets in normal encounters and doesn’t make you feel penalized for using your cool stuff. This combat system is fast, fluid, responsive and one of the most rewarding representation of 2D combat of the entire genre.

IGN: Most games limit your most useful skills with long cooldown timers or a limited mana system but Dead Cells encourages you to use your deadliest gadgets with a fast recharge timer. It never punishes you using your best tactics. Fights are fast, fluid, responsive and hands down one of the most gratifying representations of video combat I’ve ever experienced.” https://www.newsweek.com/ign-dead-cells-review-plagiarism-copy-boomstick-gaming-video-written-1061436

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