Killing Floor 2’s Halloween-themed update includes the Monster Ball

Tripwire Interactive has blown the lid off Killing Floor 2’s 2018 Halloween Horrors: Monster Masquerade update, which comes complete with an array of new items including a crossover with Road Redemption.

Only PC players will have access to the crossover right now, as the game isn’t out yet on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This nets you a Berserker class weapon in the shape of the Road Redeemer, which is a baseball bat covered in barbed wire – a bit like Negan from The Walking Dead’s Lucille, really.

The Monster Ball is a new map that’s being added for Halloween, which promises ‘limited-time event objectives and rewards.’

Killing Floor 2 is also giving bosses and enemies a spooky makeover, including fresh models, sound effects, and visual effects. In addition, there’s a bunch of new menu, action, and trader time tracks to soak up.

Finally, Halloween Terrors includes three new weapons to get to grips with: the MKB42, HZ Medic Assault Rifle/Grenade Launcher, and FN-Fal for the Commando, Field Medic, and Sharpshooter, respectively.

You can download Halloween Terrors today on PC and consoles.

Killing Floor 2 was released on PC in November 2016 and arrived on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One the following August. 

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