Netflix Movie Shamelessly Copies From Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us

ImGumbyDammit4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

“Neil Druckman had a good chuckle”

Did Neil have a good chuckle when pointed out how much TLOU is a rip off The Road? Sure, one of the posters (out of the three I saw) looks similar and that is bothersome. But this article is disingenuous. Having watched the movie and played the game, What Still Remains, has only passing similarites to TLOU in base story. A similarities they both have with many other stories of fiction (movie or books), where a mystrious male/female adult protects a girl/boy from a dark (post apocalyptic) world. Taken has more in common with Die Hard, a man trying to save his wife/daughter though a unique set of skills then these two movies have with each other. As for the movie it is OK, not great. But, definitely better than a lot of crap Netflix puts on their service to fill the spaces.

People like to jump all over things. Just the other day people were jumping on the Bird Box as a ripoff of The Quite Place. Until it was pointed out that the Bird Box movie was based on a book written and optioned for a movie years before The Quiet Place was put to paper. And both were filmed at the same time.

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