DXRacer Racing Simulator Review | Hardcore Gamer

DXRacer has a prominent place in competitive gaming with its chair designs. Having previously reviewed one of these seats, the quality is worth the price of admission. DXRacer did not necessarily start off as a gaming chair mecca. Where they started is in the company’s name itself and it was with racing simulator rigs. The […]

John Cena Takes On The Role Of Duke Nukem In New Movie – News

The producers of a still-to-be-scripted Duke Nukem movie have confirmed that WWE superstar John Cena is attached to play the foul-mouthed superhero in the new film. In an interview with Cinema Blend, producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller make no bones about Cena taking on the role. Yeah, that’s what we’re working with now. He […]

X-Men: Dark Phoenix And New Mutants Movies Delayed Again – News

After being pushed back earlier this year, both of Fox’s upcoming X-Men movies are getting delayed once again for extensive reshoots, 20th Century Fox has announced. Dark Phoenix, a movie about the Jean Grey firebird spirit, has been delayed from late 2018 to February 2019. While no footage has been seen of the movie yet, […]

Humble Indie Bundle 19 : gamers

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An Up-Close Look At Atari’s New Console, VCS – Features

Last week, Atari pulled the curtain back from its “Atari Box” to announce the Atari VCS. The Linux-based system was on-hand at Game Developers Conference, where I was able to learn a bit more about the project. While working prototypes exist, the model Atari brought to GDC was a non-working unit. However, it features the […]