Tropico 6 has been pushed into 2019

Limbic Entertainment has announced a delay for Dictator-’em-up sequel Tropico 6, with the game now due to show up in 2019. Tropico 6 had originally been pencilled in for a 2018 launch, although an exact date was never specified at the time. Regardless, it’s now due for release on PC in January next year, with the […]

Report: Diablo III Is Hacking Its Way Over To The Nintendo Switch

Rumors of Diablo III coming to Nintendo Switch have been circulating since Blizzard tweeted a light switch connected to a Diablo nightlight that was being flicked up and down. Finally, it seems those rumors are true. A deleted article from Forbes stated that Diablo III is coming to Nintendo’s handhelds system sometime this year. The […]

The Walking Dead: The Final Season’s full release schedule confirmed

Telltale Games has confirmed the full release schedule for the remaining episodes of The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Episode One: Done Running launched yesterday for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One, and reunites players with Clementine as she continues to care for AJ across an undead-infested US.  This will be followed by Episode Two: Suffer the […]

Arkane Says Dishonored Series Is Taking A Break For Now

Arkane’s Dishonored series is considered one of the stronger immersive sims released this generation by a lot of people, but it seems like last year’s Death of the Outsider standalone expansion might be the last Dishonored content we get for a long time, if ever again. Speaking to VG247 during Quakecon, Arkane lead designer Ricardo […]

The Dishonored series is taking a break

Dishonored 2 was easily one of the standout titles of the current generation of consoles, but it seems developer Arkane Studios is in no rush to pump out a new entry in the acclaimed stealth-action franchise. Speaking with VG247 at QuakeCon about the future of Dishonored, lead designer Ricardo Bare made it clear that the […]

What We Want From The Future Of Diablo

When Diablo III launched in 2012, it was plagued with issues, including server problems, an in-game auction house, a stingy legendary drop-rate, and no real endgame other than repeating the same short campaign. Fans were unhappy, despite the game receiving critical acclaim. It wasn’t until 2014, with the release of the first and only expansion, […]

This is the Police 2 nabs a release date

THQ Nordic has super-glued a September 25 release date to the PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One versions of This is the Police 2. The copper management-’em-up is pretty much everything you’d expect from a sequel to This is the Police. Marrying strategy with adventure, the game centres on Lily Reed, a fresh-faced sheriff who […]

Taiwanese Man Set Up 11 Phones On A Bike For Pokemon Go

Have you ever seen those people on Pokemon Go community days that carry around more than one phone to maximize their ability to catch rare Pokemon? Those people are thinking small time. The real hardcore take it to 11. Chen San-yuan has become a celebrity in Taipei for attaching multiple phones to his bike as […]

We Happy Few Review – JPS

“Part of what made BioShock great was the setting. Instead of exploring a lost city or shady section of a popular town, we got to experience what was left of an underwater utopia. Finding out how such a fascinating world met its end and learn of the events leading up to some of the stranger happenings […]