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Hello gamers,

I don’y know if you know but the CEO of RAZER is currently thinking to make new naga for left handed. Here is the post : (, they would make it if this post got to 10k likes. I know what you will says, left handed can adapt their playstyle to use a righty mouse. It may be true for many of them but not all. Specially for disabled gamers who can’t use their right arm, it’s my case. I am a gamer since I am 5 years old, and I can play FPS and every kind of game since Razer made their first left handed naga 2014 before I wasn’t able to play it and I am not the only one in this case. So please can you like this post so we can reach the first step to have another naga left handed and some disabled gamers can continue to play like every gamers. You can see some testimony here on reddit : or here :

Thank you for your time.

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