PS4 “Wins” E3 In Terms of Media Coverage, Fortnite and Fallout 76 Most Talked-About Games

DeadSilence13h ago

Gamers won the show not platforms.

This non sense of “Winning” e3 is so cringe, brought you by childish videogame media which are a bunch of low life kids these days, apart some publications of course. Let’s be honest here.

If you want to talk about winning we’ll have to see Console sales after e3 then since console which sells more is considered to be winning, nevermind many games which “won” at e3 in prior years became major flops, I can recall Mass Effect Andromeda or Too Human which were eagerly awaited.

Also Microsoft won e3 2014 right? How did that turned out? Oh everything was canceled.

Sony won e3 2005 right? How did that turned out? Oh wait most games weren’t running on true hardware and were tech demos of what devs had in mind like Motorstorm and Killzone.

Hang your butts, e3 isn’t a contest.

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