PSN name change option reportedly in the pipeline

The much-requested ability to change your username on PlayStation Network may be closer than you think, according to the latest murmurs from Kotaku sources.

Various studios who have worked on multiplayer games have told the site that they are preparing for the feature to arrive ‘soon,’ with three separate developers revealing they’ve been busy poking and prodding their software to get it up to speed with Sony’s plans.

Another source provided a photo from an internal Sony document, which clearly offered a glimpse at a PSN profile featuring an option for ‘edit username.’ They went on to confirm that the document was a guide on how to change your PSN name.

PSN launched 12 years ago, so many of you are probably stuck with the same username you picked back in 2006 (or 2007 if you’re in Europe). Unlike Sony, Microsoft allows Xbox Live users to change their names, albeit for a small fee. 

There’s no current release date floating around for PSN name changes, but Kotaku’s sources have suggested that it may take a while to tweak older multiplayer titles as a result of how Sony originally implemented PSN IDs. 

Sony hasn’t made any official announcement about the feature, so take this with a pinch of salt for now.

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