PUBG brings back War Mode for latest limited-time event

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has signaled the return of the limited-time War Mode, although this time developer PUBG Corp has spiced things up a little: You’re brown bread every time you sustain a lethal shot, rather than getting knocked.

In other words, you can expect a whole lot of headshots going on here, as players look to take down their opponents as quickly as possible. 

War Mode has already kicked off and will wrap up on June 11 at 7.00am BST.

In terms of gear, War Mode will start you off with a 4x scope Kar98K, a handgun, plus one frag grenade. Loot and vehicles, however, have been giving the heave-ho, making things a lot more difficult.

The forecast for War Mode looks pretty crap, says PUBG Corp, so expect heavy rain. Respawns will happen 40 seconds after every kill, which earns your squad of 10 a total of three points. The first team that notches up 150 points wins the match.

In addition, the developer also revealed it has implemented new anti-cheat measures on the Experimental Test Server, so go grab it now.




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