Special edition Xbox One X ties in with Solo: A Star Wars Story

darthv722h ago

There have been several missed opportunities for there to be CE xbox one x units or even S units that were themed like state of decay 2 or sea of thieves.

Hell I have all the retail 360 CE’s that were released like halo 3, res evil 5, star wars and gears of war to name a few. I dont play them, I just collect them but on the xbo side all there really was were halo 5, forza and CoD ones that got any kind of mass production.

It’s like since the S came out (and X) they have been more about just bundling a base color system with a game and calling it a day. They put more effort into their controllers than the look of the system. Sony has taken with MS did with the 360 variants and really stepped things up with PS4 variants. I like how the original base PS4 had interchangeable cover plates like the fat 360 did with its faceplates then after the S came out they started making real themed units for halo 4 and reach and gears. Just like how sony has themed pros for god of war and now spiderman among others.

I dont know what happened to MS this gen but its like lots of their ideas are now being done by sony. MS should have made more themed systems for the S and X than they have for the og xbo. The og xbo has 3 themed systems while the S really only has 2 (gears 4 and minecraft) and the X has literally none. The only ones I ever see are one-offs or promo systems for black panther and this one for Solo.

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