Spider-Man Will Feature A Marvel-ous Amount of Gadgets, Costumes, and Sidequests

Majin-vegeta5h ago

*When walking us through the suits, Intihar showed us an image with 24 indiscernible silhouettes representing different potential unlockable suits, but he cut me off when I wrote down the number 24. “That’s not the right count so don’t worry about that,” Intihar says, “There are a lot of them.” The suits will be inspired by the comics, the movies, and some have been made exclusively for the game. The suits each have specific abilities, and the abilities can be swapped to different suits in case you like the look of one, but the abilities of another. One suit ability example offered was quad-damage, which Spider-Man can turn on for a brief time to do four times the normal damage. During our time with the game we saw four sui

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