Supernatural Forces: Interview With Control’s Courtney Hope and Sam Lake

Geek: “Remedy has a reputation for producing highly cinematic, story-driven games. Titles like Max Payne, Alan Wake, and Quantum Break made players feel as if they were experiencing an interactive movie or TV series. The same is true for the upcoming Control. While the game contains traits the studio is known for, it also introduces elements never seen in a Remedy project. This multi-platform release is certainly a 2019 game worth keeping an eye on.

During New York Comic Con, Geek chatted with writer-director, Sam Lake, the face of Max Payne, and actress Courtney Hope, who plays Control‘s protagonist, Jesse Faden, about Control‘s unique art direction, Jesse’s character development, the game’s open-ended structure, and whether or not single-player games are still relevant in an age ruled by multiplayer blockbusters.”

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