Talking with MixMarvel about Dragons and First Person Shooters : gamers

MixMarvel’s co-founder YiYi took the time to answer a few questions about their latest game HyperDragons, a turn-based strategy dragon fighting game with a bit of castle building.

Basically, after we applied the layer two solutions the game became very rapid, in a lot of blockchain games the arena takes ages to play out if it works on the blockchain, you have to admit. It takes so much time to calculate and validate. Our system takes five to ten minutes per competition. Firstly let me describe the competition, then we can discuss how the players can play.

There are tournaments for newcomers where they can test out their new dragons. It does not cost much for them to join the tournament. Then there are tournaments based on skills, appearance, and we even have the traditional tournaments restricted on a generational level which are separated in groups like Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. For example first gen is restricted from 0 to 15 (Bronze) then another generation is from 16-40 (Silver) and so forth.

Previously the tournaments were restricted to only 32 because the blockchain could not handle it too much. Currently, we can accommodate 2048 participants. To sign up for the tournament players can pay a little fee, in Ether or our token Dragon Series Token (DST). After they sign up the screen shows how the tournament will happen, players will be pre-paired one to one randomly. Then the fights get reorganized 32-16-8-4-2 paring the winning fighters as the tournament goes on, just like the world cup.

During each fight, the screen will go into the fighting screen. The match itself will be played by selecting attacks during every turn until only one remain. People can view the fights, but the fight won’t happen right away allowing people to submit their predictions of the fight. Once the prediction is made the fight can be seen played out. There are quite a few geeky players that will take their time and look at the dragon’s stats, to predict which of the dragons will win.  

Yes, for now, the more glory you carry, the more advanced your dragon is, so dragons with five-six glory means that they have won quite a few times in the arena. Glory is only given to the first three places in the tournament.

The other options are to breed a new dragon. Each new generation has increased stats making it stronger. If you have a special dragon and gen 50 dragon breed you will get a powerful new generation dragon. Alternatively, you buy a stronger dragon from the market using your winnings.

Currently, our players, play in the arena and analyze the dragons a lot, looking at the skills, generation, and the phenotype as well. The phenotype can have some skills that are not obvious, which players have to predict. One such ability can be the escape skill, a dragon can escape, but such skills are hidden from players. It’s common for players to go to the arena first after a few rounds get a taste of the game and start predicting. These players understand how the arena works and how to determine the winning dragon. They can even look at the dragon’s mood to see if they are happy or sad, and make a prediction taking that into account as well.

Castles are the strategy part you need to collect resources from the surrounding infrastructure. The primary purpose of the castle is to generate DST so that you can battle, breed, and make a prediction. The more players upgrade their castles, the more players can earn DST. The primary way to earn more DST the first is that you upgrade your castle to produce more DST and more space for your dragons to sit in. For example, if you place three dragons in the castle, you’ll make a little DST if you upgrade you can put eight dragons and earn more DST. The bigger the castle, the more slots you have to put the dragons in.

However, there are two limitations to the castle. The first is that the resources are limited you can only collect a certain amount of resources and DST per day. The second is that players can come and attack the castle and then steal the resources, so you have to put dragons to guard the castles to prevent this.

The castles appear on a big map but it is not linked to the arena, players can select another castle and attack it to gain resources. In our next phase, we are actually going to open up a bigger map. Players can work together to attack another player, allowing players to make coalitions increasing the fun that can be had in HyperDragons.

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