‘Too Little, Too Late’ is Still Very Much a Thing in Modern Gaming

Modern game developers have a luxury that their predecessors would practically kill to have access to: the ability to change their games post-launch. The incorporation of the internet into video games truly must have been a dream come true for the development community. No longer would they be stuck with the version of the game they had to ship. No longer would bugs, glitches and exploits have to be permanent features. No longer would they have to scramble to make sure that the game getting released was the best possible version of itself. Video game developers have a difficult job to begin with, so gaining the ability to continue development in post must have come as something of a godsend to them. The fact that further development and fixes can come after launch, however, doesn’t mean the gaming community won’t judge a game’s initial release. Post-release patches or not, video games still only get one launch day. If the product isn’t in good shape at launch, then all the fixes and changes in the world aren’t going to save it.

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