AI in Health and Safety

The Future May Not be too Far Away What could AI in Health and Safety mean for managers looking to develop a career in the sector? Many people are in two deep minds about AI, especially when it relates to their industry. Common objections seem to be around the fear of their jobs being taken […]

International Mother Earth Day – SHEilds Health and Safety Blog

The Human Race’s Global Responsibility Since 2009, International Mother Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd every year and is designed to raise awareness of the planet we live on, the life that it supports and how we can safeguard its well-being. As called for in the 1992 Rio declaration, it is the human race’s […]

Safety Moment Ideas and Tips

Last week we discussed what a workplace safety moment is and why it’s effective, and this week we build on the subject, providing safety moment ideas and tips. You learned the what, why, and when; now learn the how.

Stress Awareness Month 2017 – Seven Pointers for Mental Health

Stress – Sensitivity and Support Well-being has evolved into a field of considerable prominence in recent years. Recognition of how mental issues, including stress, can impact physical health has led to a push for a more conscientious management, emphasising awareness, sensitivity and support. As Stress Awareness Month 2017 underlines, one of the most commonplace of […]

World Health Day 2018 – SHEilds Health and Safety Blog

Universal Health Coverage for Everyone, Everywhere 2018’s World Health Day is tackling a far broader and more ambitious theme than previous years’, while also possessing a universal pertinence to everyone on the planet. Whereas previous Health Days have zeroed in on specific well-being issues such as diabetes and depression, this time around the scope is […]

What Is It? Why Do It?

Creating a safety moment—also called a safety minute, safety brief, or safety chat—on a regular basis is an important element of a comprehensive workplace safety plan. This is a way to reinforce that health and safety are the top priority in your workplace and develop a strong safety culture. As you know, having a strong […]

Easter Weekend 2018 – SHEilds Health and Safety Blog

Top Tips for a Healthy Weekend (and Beyond) As covered last year, the origins of Easter are more complex than many give credit for; it will inevitably mean different things for different people. However, cutting to the chase, for many of you Easter will mean egg hunts, chocolate and a cheeky drink or two for […]

Industrial Safety in the UK: A Civic Duty?

In places like the UK, where the medical system is socialized, industrial safety, or lack thereof, doesn’t just impact the injured party and company, but also society as a whole. Literally everyone pays for poor industrial safety and health management. Keeping employees safe could thus be considered an employer’s civic duty.

Autism Awareness Week – SHEilds Health and Safety Blog

A Hypothetical Account For Autism Awareness Week, rather than pulling up a list of tired bullet points or advice I’d like to share a hypothetical account. Alienation Imagine if you will, feeling an inescapable sense of alienation with the world around you. It feels like something is missing, a certain thing between people when they […]