Make Time to Talk 2019

Encouraging Conversation on Mental Health When shock headlines filled with casualty figures dominate the headlines it can often be difficult to see past them and focus on the smaller stories, even when they are our own. Health and Safety is often keen to draw attention to large scale accidents and failings – which is by […]

All About Safer Cutting Tools

HVAC safety topics need to include “cutting tool sourcing” and “safe cutting tools and techniques”. Cutters are common among HVAC tools and equipment. By their very nature, these tools are dangerous: lacerations are one of the most common workplace injuries, and they’re among the most common injuries keeping workers away from work.

Working at Height Safely – SHEilds Health and Safety Blog eLearning

Assessment and Control Measures It’s no staggering observation to point out that construction and repair work undertaken at height carries potentially serious risks; anyone can look up at a scaffold and get a sense of the danger involved. However, despite the apparent danger, it’s remarkable how often basic safety measures are neglected leading to devastating […]

Safety Moment Examples: Try Something Unexpected

Safety moment examples often focus on core protocols, which, while important, can become dull. And when safety training becomes dull or routine, workers are more likely to check out. Try livening up your safety moments with some unconventional topics. This is a great way to re-engage staff—something new and unexpected will perk up your listeners. […]

Overview of Drones – SHEilds Blog and eLearning news

Market Growth, Risks and Future Developments Drones. Associated with the word are a plethora of thoughts. To start with, my first thought is that the idea of flying a drone is a fantastic hobby. For me I love the idea of flying with a first-person bird’s eye view of my surroundings. For others it is […]

Are you that Guy? – Future Career Plans

Taking Charge of Your Future with a Career Plan Are you THAT guy? “What guy?” You ask. You know the type; the one who always talks about change but is still in the same place next year. The person who complains about how they hate their job, but never seems to do anything about it. […]

Tick Boxes During Toolbox Talks

Your warehouse safety checklist is an integral part of keeping workers safe. It’s important to do regular and complete inspections or audits of your space, equipment, and procedures. Detailed lists are an effective way to make sure you’re thorough. But workers aren’t always fond of this tool. Checklists can be tedious. And they can feel […]

Our NEBOSH Certificate Competition Winner

A Unique Study Opportunity in Health and Safety Over Christmas SHEilds ran a competition offering a lucky winner the opportunity to enrol for e-Learning studies on a NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety and sit exams entirely free. Entrants were tasked with answering two questions; why Health and Safety was important to them […]

Benefits of NEBOSH Trained Staff

Why professional training could transform your workplace Much is made of the benefits NEBOSH SHE Qualifications offer to employees and the individuals; however this is omitting the mutual – and substantial – employer benefits of NEBOSH trained staff within the workplace. To help redress the balance a little, the following offers an overview of why professional […]

Christmas Health and Safety 2018

With a little sprinkle of environmentalism I can sense the rolling of eyes when Christmas Health and Safety is mentioned. Or indeed ‘Elf and Safety at Christmas’ if we’re being punny. However, weary as some may be of the matter being reiterated, caution is always worthwhile if it prevents yuletide catastrophe and keeps your loved […]