World Water Day – SHEilds Blog Celebrates

Water Challenges We Face World Water Day this week focuses on the importance of water, drawing attention on the subject and how we can help to provide and use this natural resource. The focus for this year’s event is ‘Nature for Water’ – exploring nature-based solutions to the water challenges we are facing in the […]

How to Prevent Cuts: Key Workplace Safety Training

Addressing how to prevent cuts is a vital part of safety training. Lacerations are one of the most common types of workplace injuries, especially in industrial settings, but also in less hazardous environments like offices. Thankfully, such incidents are largely preventable. Safety training plays an important part.

Mother’s Day Tips – SHEilds Blog

A few tips to keep your little darlings safe Mother’s Day – the one day in the year when Mum can relax and let everyone else do the work… but is it really? For those of you with small children it can be a day you battle through, biting your tongue and trying not to […]

International Women’s Day – SHEilds Health and Safety Blog

A Past and Present Overview Let’s address the most obvious question first; what is it? In short, International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March each year by many countries across the world. The day commemorates the movement of women’s rights and marks the achievement of women from all backgrounds, industries and walks […]

A Self-Confessed Ex-Smoker and how to Quit Smoking!

What can be done to help on the journey I am a self-confessed ex-smoker and can quite smugly say that I “just stopped” on New Year’s Day 2010. However, I had lost count of the times I tried… and failed to stop previously to this date. I still class myself as a smoker and I […]

How Much Do NEBOSH Courses Cost? NEBOSH Training by SHEilds

NEBOSH Course Costs Most people who begin eLearning with SHEilds have a clear goal in mind; to enhance their career with professional Health, Safety and Environmental courses along with their associated knowledge. A NEBOSH Qualification offers increased recognition from employers. Every year, more than 35,000 people working in an array of industries take these globally […]

Enjoy Holi Safely – SHEilds Health and Safety Blog

10 Measures to Minimise Risk Marking the start of Spring, Holi – the Hindu festival of colours – is an event that is celebrated in India by the throwing of coloured water and powders at each other. It is also increasingly acknowledged and celebrated in similar forms by various other communities and cultures around the […]

Career Options and Job Security

Benefits for SHE Qualifications One way or another, in the workplace most of us are thinking of advancement; promotions, expanded responsibilities, employment options and security usually being top of the agenda. However, the means to realise these goals may not always be readily apparent. We might vaguely consider them but lack a clear idea of […]