Career Transformation 2019

Hit the ground running in 2019 “What are your plans for the New Year?” Few people want to respond, “same thing again”. We all wish to be better, happier and safer in our careers. So, what exactly is holding us back? For better or worse, the seasonal break can seem to pass in the blink […]

Hand Safety Toolbox Talk: A Ready-Made PDF Guide

To keep workers safe and healthy, ongoing education about workplace well-being is a must, as is addressing common risks, so a hand safety toolbox talk should be on regular rotation. No time to create one? We’ve got a hand safety toolbox talk PDF written, designed, and ready for you. All you need to do is […]

Winter Weather in The Workplace

Temperature drops and how they should be managed With the cold arriving in a big way this week at SHEilds UK, I thought now might be a good point to start thinking ahead about sharp temperature drops and how they should be managed in the workplace. For all the care that goes into Health and […]

A Career in SHE Management

Opportunities, Development and Life Changing Results What does Health and Safety mean to you? No doubt, wherever you work or have worked, you’ll have heard those words thrown about for one reason or another. However, when talking about the realities of a career in SHE Management (Safety, Health and Environmental) it’s important to cut through […]

Workplace Bullying Choose Respect – SHEilds Health and Safety Blog

Always Choose Respect For Anti-Bullying Week 2018 the Anti-Bullying Alliance focused on the theme of ‘choose respect’, and while this campaign is predominantly targeted at school children it seems no less relevant in relation to workplace bullying. The very fact that workplace bullying exists at all is one most should find sobering. Many of us […]

Stress in the Workplace – SHEilds Health and Safety Blog

The Dangers of Relentless Pressure It hardly seems controversial to observe that stress, to at least a minor degree, is a component in everyone’s life. It’s a part of your life and it’s a part of my life. Going up and down, it’s just something to be expected in one form or another throughout the […]

Four SHEilds Student Testimonials – SHEilds eLearning and Blog

High Quality e-Learning content, Online Resources and Professional Support At SHEilds we are often keen to emphasise our two primary goals; making workplaces around the world safer to reduce unnecessary casualties and empowering our students to pursue fantastic Health, Safety and Environmental management careers with great benefits. We strive to deliver high quality e-Learning content, […]

NEBOSH Diploma VS NVQ Level 6

Which e-Learning course is right for you? When you’re looking for a higher-level course to support a developing career in Health and Safety management, options available from SHEilds at diploma level may present some confusion. Besides offering a NEBOSH National/International Diploma in OHS our course library also includes a NVQ Level 6 Diploma in OHS. Both of […]