Make Your Lab Safety Inspection Checklist Effective

Whether you work in a biomedical, a pharmaceutical, or a research and development lab, you will need an effective lab safety inspection checklist. Every lab is different, so your lab safety audit checklist must be specific to your facility. It must also be engaging so that your workforce will use it faithfully.

Agricultural Safety Matters – Six Key Areas of Farm Safety

Six key areas of farm safety In the UK, farming and safety don’t seem to get along too well. In fact, farming suffers from one of the poorest safety records in Britain and Ireland, with HSE figures highlighting how of the 137 workplace fatalities during 2016/17 27 of those occurred in agriculture; that’s 18 times higher […]

How Health and Safety is Monitored and Reviewed

Health and Safety is Monitoring and Review An essential component of Health and Safety is Monitoring and Review, allowing us to accurately assess existing controls alongside risks to develop an effective plan of action. With this is mind, the purpose of this blog is to provide a concise rundown on how Health and Safety is monitored […]

For Office, Industry, and Home Use

When we think of safety scissors we most often think of scissors for kids, but what about safety scissors for adults or industrial safety scissors? A quick search for “safety scissors for adults” doesn’t turn up much other than more kids’ scissors. But grown-ups need to stay safe, too. Lacerations and punctures are some of […]

How to pass a NEBOSH diploma

Passing a NEBOSH Diploma When approaching a Diploma level course on the face of it the demands can seem slightly daunting, but there is no need to be put off or panic over the challenges. This is not to say that care and effort aren’t required; passing a NEBOSH Diploma in Occupational Safety and Health […]

NEBOSH Graduation 2018 – SHEilds Health and Safety Graduation Ceremony

Congratulations to our SHEilds Diplomats As you may know, the 25th of June marked the NEBOSH Graduation 2017/2018 event in Warwick UK, with a large number of SHEilds students attending alongside our Managing Director Patrick Frayne. Besides offering customary congratulations to our SHEilds Diplomats who attended on completing their study success stories, now is also […]

Everything You Need to Know

Keeping your OSHA recordable incident rate low is critical to your business’ success. Learn what the Recordable Incident Rate is, how it’s calculated, the paperwork required, and why keeping it low goes hand-in-hand with a healthy company.

Users Praise its Effectiveness at Work

The Slice® mini box cutter is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but it features the same blade as our larger box cutters: it’s a mini tool, but not a mini blade. In other words, it’ll get through the same workplace materials as our standard-size box cutters, but it’s easier to […]