Sun Awareness Week – Health, Safety, Sunscreen and Skin

Fun in The Sun? Hello again, Ted Sturgeon here with a little bit of information that may help all of you sun worshippers out there stay safer during (and after) Sun Awareness Week. Personally, I like rain. Rain and Snow and Fog and Hail and all the weather types folks in the UK tend to […]

Safety Moment Topics: Mental and Emotional Well-Being

Safety moment topics often focus on physical well-being and actions. While this is important; it is equally important to include workplace safety moment topics that focus on mental and emotional well-being. The safest workers are those who are both physically and psychologically healthy. Here’s why.

Box Cutter Safety Infographic

Our Box Cutter Safety Infographic illustrates the principles of safe cutting. Incorporate its safe cutting techniques into staff training for new hires, or share it as a safety moment to keep everyone focused on best practices for a laceration-free workplace.

Save Lives – Clean Your Hands

Reassess Hand Hygiene Washing your hands following a bathroom visit, prior to handling food or any other activity where cleanliness is of particular importance is an everyday ritual which most of us don’t even think about anymore. As such, the World Health Organization’s (WHO) May 5th awareness day ‘Save Lives- Clean Your Hands 2018′ seems odd […]

Industrial Safety Products: Fashionable, Comfortable PPE

Manufacturers are continually improving industrial safety products, and this includes PPE (personal protective equipment). Always looking for ways to upgrade workplace safety equipment, safety professionals research new materials and better technology while end-users provide feedback from the field for a practical point of view.

Why no earphones?

I work in a factory, in the shipping department, and I "used to" wear earphones (in one ear only) when I work as the music kept my motivation up and would keep my loading my trucks in time. I was told that it is against health and safety rules, and some of the H&S rules […]

World Day for Safety and Health at Work

End Child Labour in All its Forms A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay, safe working conditions and reassurances that children will not be exploited; principles we should all be onboard with. However, in spite of this common consensus UNICEF (The United Nations Children’s Fund) statistics show that in the world’s poorest nations […]

Go Holistic to Stay Safe

A traditional approach to mitigating common workplace hazards often focuses on complying with mandatory regulations and in-house safety protocols that address only physical health.

AI in Health and Safety

The Future May Not be too Far Away What could AI in Health and Safety mean for managers looking to develop a career in the sector? Many people are in two deep minds about AI, especially when it relates to their industry. Common objections seem to be around the fear of their jobs being taken […]