Traditional laws should be compulsory

Traditional leaders have rejected the proposed voluntary participation by rural residents in the traditional courts system. As long as people live in traditional communities, they have to subject themselves to the authority of traditional leadership, they argue. The government reintroduced the Traditional Courts Bill last year, with a new clause which makes provision for people […]

ANC still stuck on Zuma’s fate

Former ANC president Jacob Zuma took his seat at the table of the party’s powerful national executive committee (NEC) this weekend, the first time since his recall. Zuma arrived at this weekend’s meeting in Cape Town on the ticket of being an ex officio member, a courtesy extended to all former ANC presidents. City Press […]

Hawks probe Zuma for ‘R1m bribe’

Former president Jacob Zuma is being investigated by the Hawks for allegedly accepting a R1m cash bribe from a Western Cape abalone dealer in exchange for keeping Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Senzeni Zokwana in his Cabinet. In an affidavit deposed at the Lyttelton Police Station in Centurion in December, businessman Chaile Seretse further alleges […]

CSIR too slow to punish plagiarist

The country’s elite research institute is being accused of dragging its feet in acting against plagiarism claims involving one of its researchers. Vusumzi Mema was found to have copied and passed off as his own work research initially produced by another employee at the CSIR, David Norman*. Despite this, the CSIR allegedly failed to act […]

Australia-UK: First non-stop flight en route from Perth to London

Image copyright EPA Image caption The Qantas 787-9 Dreamliner has a longer range than its predecessors The first non-stop flight between Australia and the UK has left Perth and is due to land in London on Sunday morning. Qantas Flight QF9 should complete its 14,498km (9,009-mile) journey in just over 17 hours. The airline is […]

Paul Biya: Cameroon’s ‘absentee president’

Image copyright AFP Cameroon’s President Paul Biya has been in power for 35 years. But while his longevity in office is a talking point at home, the time he spends out of the country has stirred international comment – as Paul Melly, an associate fellow of Chatham House, explains. Criticised by some for a supposedly […]

Formula 1 is back – without the grid girls

Image copyright Getty Images Formula 1 has returned this weekend with one big difference – there are no grid girls. In the past, you would have seen the likes of professional glamour model Nikki Lee on the tracks ahead of the races. But following a backlash in the off-season, this will be the first F1 […]

Teenagers explore a changing world with their camera

Image copyright Maddy Turner How do social issues shape our lives? A group of teenage photographers attempted to answer this question with their cameras. Each 14-to-18-year-old submitted a picture encapsulating how the world is changing and how it affects them, their families, friends and communities as a whole. The overall winner was 16-year-old Maddy Turner, […]

Why Margot Robbie is taking on Shakespeare

Image copyright EPA Margot Robbie is planning a new TV series, which will give Shakespeare plays a “female perspective”. The Oscar-nominated actress is creating 10 standalone episodes with the Australia Broadcasting Corporation, each of which will tackle a different play. The stories will be told from female points of view, with the series led by […]