Dobby – 4 year old male Greyhound dog for adoption

Mr Dobby Dobbins is a four year old male Greyhound. He is currently in foster with another male Greyhound and a female labrador. He has been in foster for a couple of months and this wonderful lad is so very loving, happy, cheeky, kind and clever. Dobby is a quick learner and loves to please. Within one day, he was clean in the house, pawing at the back door to let his fosterers know he needed to go out, and he very quickly learnt he wasn’t to ‘counter surf’ or beg at the table.Turn your back though and Dobby will attempt to raid the kitchen bin! ‘Leave’ is a command that Dobby soon picked up, clever lad!

Dobby is an affectionate soul and loves nothing better than to snuggle up on the sofa with you. Dobby has a beautiful nature and backs off whenever his Greyhound foster brother tells him off (usually because Dobby has tried to get into bed with him). Dobby loves his walks and he is currently walked for around two hours every day, being a younger dog, he needs a little more than the often quoted two twenty minutes a day.

Dobby is left for four hours in the morning and a couple of hours later in the afternoon. His fosterers have a doggy cam and the worst he has done is take the cushions off the sofa and fling them around, he does settle down and is calm when left. Dobby loves his food and he’s not refused anything…apart from raw carrots! He takes his treats very gently he is a well mannered little chap. Dobby travels well and loves a road trip. He’s a confident and nosey boy who enjoys taking in all the sights and sounds. Dobby has adapted to home life so quickly, he walks well on the lead, and has been non-reactive when passing all manner of dogs, large and small. Dobby has been confident when meeting new people, after all, more potential for a fuss! He has met primary school aged children and been his usual gentle and friendly self.

Whoever adopts Dobby is in for a real treat as this boy just loves life! But more than that, he will love you! Dobby chatters loudly when happy (so that’s a lot!) and likes to rest his head in your hands for a fuss. It is impossible not to love this boy as he gives so much in return. Dobby is like an open book and what you see is what you get, which is a very happy go lucky and loving lad.

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Dobby is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and flead and wormed , he can be homed both locally and nationally dependent on a successful homecheck.

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Dogs in the care of Northern Greyhound Rescue are located in the North West area of England,Lancashire area, however the rescue will home in other areas dependent on a sucessful homecheck.

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