Jess – 5 year old female Pointer Cross dog for adoption

Jess is a 5 year old female Pointer Cross. Jess is a rescue from Cyprus, currently living with her foster mum in Cressing, Essex whilst she waits for her forever family to find her. Here is a little about her: Jess’s passport says she is 5 years old, however, this is purely a guess by the vet preparing her passport. We think she may be younger and her foster mum is amazed that her passport says she is 5 years old and says she would say about 2 to 3 years if asked. Jess looks like Pointer X Whippet/Greyhound (her passport says cross breed). She is a medium height dog, but of a very slight build. She loves to run in the garden and is a fast graceful runner, but due to her short time in the UK she cannot yet be trusted to run free as she can panic and run scared and currently has no recall. She seeks the security of the other dogs in her foster home and when they are called in, she always comes in too, to be with them. She is nervous of men, but if they show her kindness and are soft voiced around her she will eventually relax and get to know them.

Jess really needs a home with at least one other dog – but the more the merrier (maybe an older dog to help give her confidence as she does not like to be alone. At the moment she is quite scared to go out on her lead and does not want to leave the safety of her home. But that said, she plays very freely in the home and running around the garden and enjoys playing rough and tumble with other dogs, so mixes very well with dogs of all ages and sizes. She is lovely with children, but is nervous of loud sounds and will hide if scared. She is happy to be left with the company of other dogs, and very excited and pleased to see her foster mum when she returns. She needs a crate or a bed that she can use as her safe place. She sleeps through the night happily, in her crate, between 2 other dogs.

She is completely clean in the house and will happily sit with you for lots of fuss. She is an opportunist when it comes to food and is very agile. Your roast on top of the counter is not safe, neither are your biscuits on top of the cupboard as she jumps like a gazelle! She is completely food orientated and loves her dinner which lasts seconds…. This will help in her training and bonding with you.She has been in her foster home for a few weeks now and she is really starting to come out of her shell. We expect when she moves to her forever home, she may revert back into herself for a while, but she will soon come out again once she knows that she
is safe and loved. She will need a secure garden, and at least 6 foot fencing would be advised. Having another dog or dogs in her new home will help her relax.

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She is not currently trusted with small furries, chickens etc. There are turkeys and a cockerel in her foster home, and she is very interested. It may just be to play, but she is being kept apart at present. She has not met a cat but we would advise caution due to her breed and the way she presents around the other small animals in her foster home. She is a fit, healthy girl in her prime. Jess will need some training and reassurance to calm her enough to take out on the lead and recall will be an ongoing task – but she loves affection and if you sit down to stroke your other dogs, she will suddenly be there too! Jess needs a family who have time to devote to her, giving her support and helping to show her that the world she is now in is not as scary as Cyprus. Like any other new dog joining your family with the right support and attitude she really has the potential to become a super family pet. She has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

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