Belmont – 3 year old male Spanish Mastin dog for adoption

Belmont is a 3 year old male Spanish Mastin. Belmont is a wonderfully loving, attentive and humble who has oodles of affection to give and whole life ahead to be lived. Having spent his early years locked up in a pound in Ourense, Spain. Belmont is now in search of his forever home. Despite his […]

10 Tips For Cleaning Up Pet Stains

Last updated on April 12, 2018 By Jen Gabbard Leave a Comment If you have pets accidents are going to happen. And for some reason my dog prefers puking on carpet rather than easy to clean tile, but what can you do? Accidents happen. Cleaning up pet stains is never fun, but there are methods […]

Harper – 7 month old male Border Collie dog for adoption

Harper – 7 month old male Border Collie Pupsneedinghomes East Sussex | April 12, 2018 | This is the handsome Harper. He’s a 7 month old male Border Collie. He’s a lovely, friendly boy who can live with older children. He’s good with other dogs and will make a superb companion for an […]

Cassie – 12 year old female Greyhound dog for adoption

Cassie the 12 year old Greyhound who is now living the high life in a foster home in Chippenham, Wiltshire while she waits for someone to offer her a suitably splendid, permanent home. Cassie just ignores other dogs. She wouldn’t like to be pestered by a pushy one and she is quite a delicate older […]

Jess – 3 year old female Cross-Breed dog for adoption

Jess is a 3 year old Cross-Breed girl, with a passion for her walks and a heart full of love to bestow upon her forever human. Despite the card of uncertainty that Jess has sadly been dealt throughout her tender years to date, she always finds a commendable endless hope for a better life and […]